Everything You Need to Know About the Features of Neo4j Database

Posted By : Pankaj Kumar Yadav | 26-Dec-2017

Neo4j database encourages effective implementation into the Property Graph Model to the storage level. Unlike, to in-memory libraries or graph processing, this database provides characteristics of full database including runtime failover, ACID transaction compliance, and cluster support. This makes it highly preferable for using graph data when it comes to production scenarios.

Know here what special features of Neo4j makes this database highly popular among DBAs, users and developers- invaluable

  • Relationship materialization at the time of creation; with Neo4j there are no penalties for the runtime queries of complex nature.

  • Neo4j’s relationships are equally competent and important. This makes it possible for the new relationships to materialize and use “shortcut” later on for speeding up the data.

  • Constant time traversals in the graph for relationships both in breadth and in depth due to effective representation of relationships and nodes

  • Written on the JVM

  • Compact memory and storage of Neo4j is great for graphs caching, offering the benefit of billions of nodes and efficient scale-up on moderate hardware in one database

  • The improvements in Neo4j’s Cypher delivers support and cost-based optimizer for index-based string queries, parallel indexes, speedier join queries and global aggregation.

Today, countless organizations and companies belonging to diverse industries use Neo4j. Use cases include network management, matchmaking, scientific research, software analytics, project and organizational management, routing, social networks, recommendations, and more.

About the latest release

Neo4j 3.0.3 comes with super features that offer it improved scalability, usability, and performance. Furthermore, it enhances developer productivity. Users can also reap the benefit of language drivers for .NET, Java, Python and JavaScript with this database. Performance and scalability enhancements offer the benefit of storing giant graphs. The enhanced capability of Neo4j Browser is benefitting the developers with improved access to graph data right from their mobile devices. Its Docker support allows deployment in on-premises, in the cloud and on containers.


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