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Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 06-Nov-2019

Learning Management System


According to Work Institute’s 2017 survey, 86% of companies said that their employees left the organization due to the lack of career development opportunities. The same survey revealed, offering good training plans motivates employees to stay within the organization. 


Employee training plays a critical role in the overall growth of a company.  Incorporating a Learning Management System (LMS) motivates employees to step up their game. A right LMS increases the company’s overall competitiveness.


Read this article-  Benefits of a Learning Management system to understand why your business needs a Learning management system. 


Some of the best Learning Management Systems to accelerate your business growth:- 


1. Moodle: An open-source LMS that enables educators to build their private portal of dynamic courses. The software promotes education and corporate training. Moodle is backed by a community of developers and certified Moodle partners to guide businesses 24x7. Read the complete Benefits of the Moodle Learning Management System to increase employees’ operational efficiency. We provide Moodle Development Services to clients across the globe. Our services include: 


  • Moodle mobile app development
  • e-Learning module development
  • Personalized Learning Content


SAP Litmos: Sap Litmos is one of the preferred Learning Management Systems available for the training of employees across the globe. The platform offers online ready-made courses for internal and external learning service providers. SAP Litmos provides error-free, scalable, and highly versatile plugins for employee training. The modules are designed keeping in mind customers, employees or partners with personalized learning resources having any type of media. The LMS contains tools for video assessment, tests, gamification, leaderboards to boost learner’s engagement. 


Exclusive Features 


1. Device Portability: SAP Litmos provides courses on mobile, tablets, and desktops to enable learners to pick up courses at any point using the current device they have. 


2. Available with Instructor Guidance: The platform offers the Instructor-Led Training (ILT) module that enables learners to receive assistance whenever and wherever needed through a separate question-answer section. 


3. Modifications Available as Per-Personal Requirements: Courses can be customized as per learner’s pace and capabilities. 


4. Do eCommerce. The built-in eCommerce tool is available for instructors to promote their courses online. 


Talent LMS: A cloud Learning Management System designed for corporate learning programs of employees, partners, and customers. Talent LMS supports a wide range of content types like SCORM and Tin Can. The platform supports video-conferencing, gamification, and course selling opportunities for promising instructors. 


Exclusive Features: 

1. Blended Learning: Supports e-learning and ILT. Learners can mix classroom settings with videoconferencing to receive immediate support from instructors. 


2. Homepage Builder: With home page builder instructors can design their learning portal with a homepage to highlight key messages and special introductory offers.


3. Enterprise-Grade Learning Management System: Fulfills high-level corporate learning requirements through advance features like single sign-on, Branching, and custom user types.


4. Comprehensive but Intuitive Feature Set: Available with standard and advanced tools of an LMS from Course Authoring to social media integration. Maintains an intuitive UI suitable for non-technical users.


Docebo: A cloud-hosted Learning Management System with a fully integrated ecosystem of features and modular interface. The AI-enabled learning management system can be personalized as per individual learner’s capabilities and learning experiences. It provides formal and informal classes that promote employee’s overall growth.  An LMS development company can use Docebo API tools to make its integration with other applications simpler. Docebo Learning Management system offers a comprehensive solution for online training. The platform offers device-agnostic, mobile-ready courses suitable for agile teams. It supports blended and social learning initiatives to encourage learners for active participation. 


Exclusive Features 


1. eLearning Modules. Docebo modular interface is designed to effortlessly scale up or down according to eLearning requirements and changing business dynamics. Its functionalities can be extended by integrating with existing systems or other third-party applications.


2. AI-Powered Learning Management. AI-based Learning Management system provides easy customization, content curation, and aggregation facilities. Enables automation of a wide variety of tasks for L and D administrators.


3. Extended Enterprise Options. The LMS is accessible to everyone including employees, partners, and customers for training. Currently supports 30 + languages to facilitate the learning of employees who do not understand English. 


Oodles Technologies is an LMS Moodle Development company that builds interactive e-learning applications for varied business requirements. Our LMS development services enhance learning experiences with custom e-Learning modules and plugins. Our custom e-learning solutions improve the knowledge and skills of end-users with effective tutorials and insightful learning content. Get in touch with us for more details!  



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