Engaging Entertainment Seekers with Media Streaming Apps

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 17-Jan-2020

The advent of Media Streaming apps has replaced traditional cable TV with Smart TV.  Smart TV consists of apps for entertainment, news, games, and sports. In this article, we will discuss how Smart TV apps are captivating entertainment seekers. 


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Traditional Televisions were previously connected to cable wires that enabled the users to consume media content. Smart TV, on the other hand, enables users to consume media content using the apps that are downloaded on the Smart TV. Lately, Smart TV apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos have gained enough popularity as the top video streaming apps. The reason for the popularity of these platforms is that they enable users to consume content anytime, anywhere. Our smart TV app developers receive requests for the development of a video streaming app like Netflix that works seamlessly across different Smart Televisions. 


Working of the Smart TV Apps 


  • Sensors Collect Data: A smart TV app consists of a search bar. Whenever a user searches for content in the search bar, sensors capture the data to understand the preference of their audiences. These sensors push the most relevant content to the audiences to keep their engagement high. 
  • Connectivity: Using Wi-Fi, cellular, or satellite, the backend frameworks send the data to the cloud. It is the range, power consumption, and needed bandwidth that decides the medium. 
  • Processing: Cloud gathers the data from HTTPs servers using the software. The data is evaluated to ensure it is relevant as per the audience’s request. 
  • Data Delivered:  After the data is processed, the relevant data is transferred to the frontend team and then the app fetches the users with the video or TV channel that they searched for. 


Media streaming industries have a huge scope to establish themselves with Smart TV app development. Our smart TV app developers design Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Tizen, Roku TV, and Android TV.  


Let’s Explore Some Reasons Why Smart TV Apps Are Gaining Popularity: 


Convenience: Gone are the days when users had to stay glued to their TV sets to watch an episode. The advent of smart TV apps has enabled users to consume content as per their convenience. In a smart tv app, the content is stored in the app so that users can watch it anytime. 

Personalization: Smart TV apps work on a mechanism that analyses consumers’ behavior and on behalf of them it personalizes the content. A complete buffet of recommended content is created to enable users to consume the content of their preference. Our smart TV app developers design apps with Artificial intelligence capabilities that captures the consumption patterns of the users. It bundles up the content so that users can seamlessly navigate through the content of their choice. 

Cost-Effectiveness: Smart TV apps enable users to navigate seamlessly across a range of meaningful digital content in real-time. The video streaming platforms like Netflix provides unique content to the audiences at an affordable price. Most of the smart TV apps are based on a subscription-based module. The subscription-based modules allow users to consume unlimited content of their choice. YouTube app is made available to the Smart TV users to facilitate them to enjoy the content of their choice. YouTube offers a premium as well as a basic version. Any smart TV user can enjoy the free content on youtube but to enjoy premium facilities they have to pay the subscription price. Our Video Streaming app developers receive request for smart TV apps that can enable users to enjoy unlimited content within the budget.

Streaming Online Video and Audio: Amazon, Netflix, VUDU, YouTube are the most used streaming video services. The smart TV app enables users to access these video services. There are smart TV apps that enable users to access audio services like iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, Spotify, and more bestowing them to access thousands of songs, artists, and albums.  

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Monetization Models To Consider for Your Smart TV App 


Freemium: YouTube provides its users with video content that is available for free. It also provides a premium package but that is optional for the users. The only drawback is that the users can consume only a fraction of content. If someone is planning to get a smart TV app for generating revenue that the Freemium plan is not a suitable option for them.  

In-App Advertising: YouTube’s main source of income earning is through “In-app advertising”. When a viewer plays the content on the app, an advertisement is displayed first that enables the platform to earn. 

3. Pay per View: Again, apart from the subscription model YouTube has a Pay-per-View model. Under the Pay-per-View model, users can access the limited content of the app.  The plan demands users to pay for accessing any particular content of their choice and pay for the number of times they would wish to view it. 

4. Subscription: Subscrption based models is the most popular monetization models for smart TV apps. Under this model, a subscription amount is collected from the users to enable them to view unlimited content of their choice. Usually, a monthly, quarterly, bi-annually fee is charged from the users to enable them to enjoy unlimited content. Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos currently run on subscription-based models and still leading the OTT industry. 


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