Embracing The Next Generation of Business Intelligence Solutions

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 03-Feb-2022


Business Intelligence Solutions For Data-Driven Ecosystems


In the coming years, business intelligence will be more insightful, automated, widely used, free from errors, and more user-friendly to cater to a wider audience range. BI software will be more geared towards integrating and working with Big Data. According to the stats, the business intelligence service market segment is anticipated to reach approximately $41 billion by the year 2026 at a CAGR of 12%. 

Business Intelligence services

Business Intelligence: What Does It Mean?


Business intelligence enables businesses to analyze, collect, and report on data in order to track progress and make informed decisions. In the past few years, there have been some phenomenal developments and changes in its landscape. With new platforms and technologies emerging, businesses of all sizes can gain insights into their valuable data in ways that were not possible earlier. Whether it is the healthcare, retail, real estate, or IT industry, BI is actively used everywhere to leverage optimum benefits. 


BI usually comprises the following components:


  • Visualization tools
  • Data collection
  • Data storage
  • Data accessibility
  • Interpretive tools
  • Data analysis tools
  • Communication tools


In this blog, we will analyze what the future holds for business intelligence services and what are top BI trends to look out for in 2022. 


Data Cognition


As data grows, business intelligence is growing more prominence and importance. With the expansion of data sets, cognitive engines promise a route of managing it without missing what is essential. Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, such powerful tools can identify patterns in the company’s information. Designed to manage the data deluge and equipped with compression rates five times faster than before, their popularity is only reaching the skies as big-data projects continue to swell at an astounding rate. 


Self-service BI


Self-service BI is becoming more popular as enterprises seek to empower their employees with the data needed for making the right decisions. By offering employees the capability to analyze data on their own, organizations can save money and time while also boosting decision-making accuracy. The attributes of self-service BI tools such as faster access to information, automation, and enhanced ease of usage can immensely help in driving productivity and performance.


Collaborative and Integrative BI


Collaborative and integrative BI refers to the working together of businesses to share insights and data. By collaborating with other organizations, companies can better comprehend their operations and their competitor’s operations. This type of business intelligence also enables businesses to recognize new opportunities for collaboration and create synergies so as to enhance their performance. By integrating BI with other systems such as CRM and ERP, businesses can garner a holistic view of their data and make informed decisions. 


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Prescriptive Analytics


Prescriptive analytics is a relatively newer field that emphasizes offering recommendations to organizations based on data. By evaluating data and analyzing patterns, prescriptive analytics can recommend particular actions that businesses can take to amp up their performance. This type of analysis can be advantageous for companies that have to handle a lot of data and are seeking to figure out what to do with it. 


Business Intelligence-as-a-Service


One of the evolving trends in the business intelligence world is to scale to Business Intelligence-as-a-Service. This method inculcates using cloud-based tools and services to avail the benefits of BI without managing or investing in the infrastructure yourself. 


It can be the best option for organizations that do not have the expertise or resources to set up and run their BI frameworks and in some cases, it can be a more budget-friendly option.


How Business Intelligence Solutions Will Impact Businesses In The Future?


The upcoming trends in business intelligence signal that it will play a pivotal role in organizational workflows and offer tangible data-driven benefits. Here are the few highlights that can be expected in the future:


  • Larger network: We expect the technology infrastructure to embrace and expand in every business areas
  • Machine learning: In the future of BI, data will be approached with smart, AI services and methodologies
  • Data proactivity: More proactivity-based features will emerge, supplying businesses with relevant prompts and insights
  • More integrations: A majority of the existing business software and applications will be integrated with BI
  • Collaboration: The future business intelligence software will allow personnel to work in teams with the same sets of data
  • Data-driven culture: The evolving trends in BI show that soon any business will leverage the power of business intelligence in their daily routine


Final Thoughts


Aside from enhanced integrations and automation, the future scope of BI reflects that it will be widely and aggressively used in all business areas in the coming years. In other words, this means that almost every business working routine will be propelled by data and have more relevant recommendations and insights. 


If you are looking to implement business intelligence solutions or seeking to combine AI and ML into your work models, connect with our team. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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