Disrupting Routine Health Checkups With AR VR Technology

Posted By : Abhinav Srivastava | 11-Nov-2020

AR/VR in Healthcare

Cutting edge technologies are finding their foothold in every sector. The medical field is also benefitting from these technological advancements to achieve efficient results. AR VR is one of those technologies that are disrupting the status quo and reinventing the modalities. AR VR application development services are catering to the modern needs of the companies who are looking to redefine the health checkups process.


At Oodles, we have a full stack team of developers to build AR and VR applications for our clients. Let us take you through the disruption process in healthcare with the advent of AR/VR.


AR VR in Healthcare

Engagement, immersive experiences, and enhanced overview, these are three pillars of any AR VR application. Traditional medical equipment can delay in diagnosing and treating an anomaly as compared to the advanced ones. Hence, the use of AR VR in healthcare is immense. With the fact that doctors can get an enhanced 3D view of a patient’s body, finding the problem becomes uncomplicated. It is one of the many benefits of using AR VR in healthcare.

Benefits of AR/VR in Healthcare


Interactive Patient Experience

Augmented reality applications can significantly reduce time and money while assisting doctors in diagnosing the problems. Based on the collected patient’s data, AR can lead to its detailed visualization, thereby highlighting the problematic areas and subsequent forward procedure. Since many a time, it happens that a patient feels uncomfortable in a set detection procedure for a disease, AR can be a real help.


Also, full body mapping is one of the many use cases of augmented reality and virtual reality. Doctors can analyze the body of a patient and explore areas that were previously inaccessible in traditional body mapping methods. A complete holistic view of the patient’s body can improve the quality of treatment while saving time. 


Oodles Technologies has practical knowledge in developing custom solutions powered by reality technologies to deliver immersive user experiences. 

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Risk Assessment

The margin for error is low when it comes to diagnosing a patient accurately. Every detail is significant to make the right decisions going forward, and AR can help doctors with the detailing. Since the risk factor is high in complicated cases, with AR, doctors can detect, prevent, and treat many diseases through careful analysis of each layer of the patient’s body.



The year 2020 has accelerated the adoption of technology-based remote care. Restrictive physical interactions due to the pandemic have resulted in a shift in routine healthcare checkups. From enabling virtual visits to doctor’s clinics to therapeutic services, tech has become a real support to the healthcare sector. 


One of the many benefits of telehealth is the patient can receive timely attention in case of urgency. The specialist will be just a few clicks away on his/her smartphone, and that too at the right time. With the implementation of virtual reality applications, telehealth becomes even better. Using the VR device, patients and doctors can virtually connect for an enhanced level of the treatment procedure. In the time of the pandemic, when the majority of us are refraining from visiting a hospital, virtual reality can redefine the routine health checkups. 


Oodles Technologies is one of the early adopters of reality technologies. Our VR development services is backed with the use of a leading tech stack to develop immersive virtual reality apps. 


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Wrapping Up!

The medical field has always been a welcoming, receptive area for technology. From detecting rare diseases to enabling tedious treatment processes, tech has been a strong pillar of healthcare support. Delivering quality healthcare services rely upon tech-based approaches. The advent of AR/VR technology ensures new applications are coming to practice. 


Remote services are gaining traction during the present times. Therefore, hospitals and medical practitioners must embrace new-age AR/VR applications to provide quality medical care remotely.


Why Choose Oodles For AR VR App Development?

Being one of the early adopters of reality technologies, we provide VR application development featuring 3D models and multi-user functionality. We are also a leading provider of AR app development to serve you a mix of both technologies for scalable growth.


Join forces with us to disrupt the status quo by using AR/VR technology. Contact us here.


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