Developing Performance Driven Android Apps For Enterprises

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 31-Aug-2020

Developing Performance Driven Android Apps For Enterprises


Developing Performance Driven Android Apps For Enterprises


The mobile app market is growing exponentially, as a majority of the global population has access to smartphones and tablets. Over the years, we have seen a considerable shift of users from desktop/laptop to mobile devices. As a result, an increasing number of companies are more focused at improving their customer experiences across mobile devices. To achieve that, developing a feature-rich mobile app has become an inevitable need for every business. 


Android and iOS being the most popular mobile platforms, have always been at the forefront of every other mobile app project. While iOS supports Apple-based product lineup, Android powers a wide range of devices belonging to different brands and companies. It is generally preferred to develop a dedicated mobile app for both these platforms. However, you can choose to opt for a single platform if that addresses your project requirements. That being said, Android app development is a requisite need for every mobile project, considering the massive userbase of Android. 


We, at Oodles Technologies, provide end-to-end mobile app development services for Android and iOS platforms. Our Android app development services render complete support for UI/UX design, backend/frontend development, integration/migration, and QA testing. Read further to explore our offerings in Android mobile app development and the benefits we deliver to enterprises. 


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Our Offerings In Android Application Development

We, at Oodles Technologies, have successfully established ourselves as a seasoned mobile app development company that specializes in building feature-rich Android apps for cross-industry enterprises. 


Strategic Planning and Roadmap Creation


Developing Performance Driven Android Apps For Enterprises


We holistically analyze your project requirements to suggest a suitable software model, identify potential challenges and prepare a mitigation plan to address them. Our mobile team conducts a comprehensive market research and competitive analysis to devise the right implementation strategy with a focus on next-gen technologies. Further, we create a well-defined project roadmap for the smooth execution of your Android project in a phased manner. 



Android App UI UX Design


mobile app design


Once we have a neat strategy in place, our design team takes charge and creates high-quality mobile app wireframes to begin with. After carefully examining the value proposition and target audience, we create functional, mockups and prototypes to test usability and map user journeys. After choosing a suitable model, our design team creates high-quality user interfaces in adherence to the best industry standards and prominent style guides. 



Android App Development


mobile app development


Our development team uses the finest tech stack to meticulously develop frontend/backend components of the Android app as per the requirements. We also have a team of experienced full stack developers that are experienced in both frontend and backend tasks. We use agile methodologies and next-gen technologies to build performance-driven Android applications with custom features and functionalities. Our full-scale Android app development services enable enterprises to efficiently manage their inbound/outbound operations and deliver engaging user experiences across devices. 



Android App Integration and Migration


Developing Performance Driven Android Apps For Enterprises


We integrate your Android app with custom features and third-party functionalities to enhance its features and capabilities. Our end-to-end integration services for Android improve app performance and maximize user engagement. We also provide app migration services to seamlessly migrate a mobile app from iOS, Windows, or other platforms to Android with minimal data losses. 



Quality Assurance and Testing


software testing services


Our Android app development services also include end-to-end software testing to ensure your app performance seamlessly across devices with minimal complexities. We have an experienced team of QA engineers that are skilled at using the latest automation testing tools like Selenium, JMeter, and Katalon Studio. With a comprehensive testing methodology, we detect and fix various bugs, software glitches, and potential points of failure. Our software testing services are inclusive of a variety of tests including performance tests, usability tests, regression tests, security tests, and accessibility tests. 


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Benefits We Deliver

Our Android application development services enable organizations to strengthen their brand’s online presence, expand their reach, and meaningfully engage their target audience. 


Accelerated Development

Our development team uses agile methodologies, advanced tools, and cutting edge technologies to speed up the development process. Based on the project requirements, we formulate effective strategies to seamlessly carry out the frontend and backend development tasks with minimal friction. We work diligently in accordance with the given timeline and strive to accomplish tasks ahead of schedule. 


Reduced Costs

We use open-source tools and SDKs for Android application development which significantly reduces the project costs. Our development team chooses the most optimum tools and technologies to build high-quality Android apps while also keeping the budget in-check. 


Faster Time-to-market

Our proven DevOps strategies and development methodologies shorten the software development lifecycle and accelerate time-to-market. Our DevOps team adheres to the best practices and industry standards to aid faster software releases with a focus on continuous integration and continuous delivery. 


Post Development Support

Our on-demand post development support services ensure that your Android app performs seamlessly across the supported devices with minimal complexities. Our technical team continuously monitors the app performance and makes essential optimizations to maintain high efficiency. We conduct routine system checkups to detect and troubleshoot software glitches to reduce the instances of downtime and attain peak system efficiency.


Our Work Portfolio

At Oodles Technologies, we have successfully completed several full-scale Android projects for clients from across the globe. Visit our work portfolio to know more about the mobile projects we have completed. Our proficiency in mobile application development services make us your go-to experts for developing performance-driven Android applications. For project-related queries, drop us a line at [email protected].

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