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Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 11-Feb-2020

 Music Streaming App Development

The demand for OTT apps like video streaming, music streaming has increased in recent years. The rising popularity of these apps is due to the on-demand access they provide. These apps enable users to listen to their favorite music at any time anywhere. The playlist of the on-demand music streaming app is huge therefore the users can enjoy unlimited media content without saving the music on their mobile devices. Our OTT app developers often receive requests for music streaming apps like Spotify that work seamlessly across all operating systems (OS). 

Spotify is one of the best streaming services across the globe. It is packed with a list of blockbuster music playlist. The app was launched in the year 2008 to enable users to directly play the music from the cloud instead of downloading it first. Spotify now gives a tough competition to Apple’s iTunes. The app is popular for its more than 30 million tracks including the prestigious holdouts like The Beatles. The app has a free and subscription-based version but the income source for the app owner is the ads. 

The app currently runs on all devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc. Before developing music streaming app like Spotify consider these pointers before you proceed: 

Step 1: Registration and Sign-Up: It is essential to include registration and sign-up facility in your music streaming app. The registration facility enables app holders to better know about their customers. Add features like organizing music content, social sharing facilities, music libraries, and push notifications, etc. 


Step 2: Choose Licensing Type: Currently the music streaming app Spotify has two types of licenses such as the Musical Composition License Agreement and Recording License Agreement. A top-notch license is a reason behind delivering the best music streaming app to your customers. 


Step 3: Hiring a Music Streaming App Developer: Selecting a music streaming app developer is one of the biggest challenges today. To develop a music streaming app like Spotify search for an OTT app development company that has good experience with adding features to an app. Always check with the portfolio of that company. 


Oodles Technologies is one of the well-established music streaming app development companies with more than 10 years of experience in developing apps like Spotify. Our app developers critically evaluate customers to add features and functionalities based on customer requirements. 


The cost of a music streaming app negotiates the country. Here are the possible quotations that you may receive from the different music streaming app development companies across the globe: 


  • USA/ Canada : $50 to $250/hour
  • Western Europe: $30 to $170/hour
  • Eastern Europe: $25 to $150/hour
  • Australia : $50 to $150/hour
  • India : $10 to $80/hour


Step 4: App UI/UX Design: The UI/UX of your app should be attractive and simple. The users should not feel that using this app is so complicated that they would refrain from using it. The navigation bars should be simple and the search bar should be added to navigate to a different song whenever needed.   


Step 5: Audio Streaming App MVP: Create an audio streaming app minimum viable product (MVP). It is important to discuss the features that are to be added to the product. 


Three Leader In Audio Streaming App 

  • Spotify with the current market share of 36%- Pioneer in the music streaming market with 109 premium subscribers and 232 million monthly active users.  
  • Apple iMusic with the current market share of 19%
  • Amazon Music Counting Share of 12% 


How to make money with a Music Streaming App Like Spotify

Premium Services: Spotify premium plan enables users to stream unlimited music content anytime anywhere. The paid plan also enables users to enjoy music offline. Let’s take a look at the premium plans of the Spotify music Streaming App. 

  • Student plan cost $4.99 per month
  • Regular account - $9.99 per month
  • Family account - $14.99 a month

AD-supported Services: The users of the app can enjoy listening to their favorite music for free but they can be interrupted with advertisements in between. In this business model, the app owner earns through the cost-per-click and pay-per-mile-fee module. The earning in this module is huge and there are maximum chances of return on investments. 


Are you planning to build a music streaming app like Spotify? We are a well-established music streaming app development company with more than 10 years of experience in OTT apps. Get in touch with our music streaming app development experts today. Other OTT app development services include: 

  • Smart TV App Development
  • OTT Video Streaming App Development like Netflix
  • Amazon Fire TV Development 
  • Apple TV App Development





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