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Posted By : Rudhishthir Prakash | 28-Jun-2018

We live in an age of data. This means the ability to extract every bit of intelligence from data and use that information to make a decision in transforming our lives. Data only have IP addresses. This means that data is connected now. Connected data increasingly most of the data are in the cloud. Data insides help us to find a certainty in the world. 


Engines of data powering the data evolution

1. Mission critical OLTP: can handle all the data and analyze it in the real time.
2. High-Performance data warehouse: helps us to analyze the data and get insight in real time.
3. End-to-End Mobile BI: you can actually get an insight of your data anytime, anywhere or any device.
4. Advanced analytics: This was introduced in SQL server 2016 so that you can actually integrate with machine learning solution right inside where your data is. 

Microsoft have been building their database platform as cloud first. It gives the speed, agility, and the proven quality. For every single release, it is deployed to Azure first which has about 1.5 million databases. These databases will be upgraded to the latest and greatest code before it is packaged as an on-premise solution. 



There are two In-Memory engines:
1. In-Memory OLTP: It is one of the engines built with Microsoft Research, completely memory residence and without any lock or latching for
low fraction, no fraction, high concurrent throughput and the low latency applications. This is used for faster transactions.

2. In-Memory Data Warehouse: This is also called In-Memory Analytics and is based on In-Memory column store technology. This gives Microsoft number one, two and three spots of TPCH benchmarks. This is used for faster queries. 


Operational Analytics

Operational analytics or the new term code H type is a hybrid online transaction processing and online analytics processing. 

1. In-memory Columnar index over in-memory/disk-based OLTP tables.
2. Enhanced OLTP T-SQL surface area.
3. Scale to a higher compute and memory.


1. Unlike the competition, you gain Operational analytics and 30x faster transactions and 100x faster queries.
2. In-memory for more of your applications.

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