Data Visualization In The Age of Immersive AR VR Technologies

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 15-May-2020

Data Visualization In The Age of Immersive AR VR Technologies

Data plays a significant role in optimizing business processes to achieve the required operational efficiency. Organizations can capitalize on their data resources by developing innovative solutions for data management and processing. That being said, many enterprises are making the best use of their data by developing technology solutions that maximize customer engagement levels. These data-driven solutions incorporate next-gen technologies like AI, machine learning, Big Data, IoT, and immersive technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality. Integrating these technologies into business applications enables enterprises to visualize their mission-critical data and access it in a more discernible format.


The advent of immersive AR/VR technologies has provided businesses an effective way to visualize data and enhance their process efficiencies. Data scientists believe that AR VR App Solutions have immense potential to fundamentally change the way we interpret data and interact with it. Let’s explore how these two immersive technologies can enhance the present-day data visualization techniques. 


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More Actionable Data Insights

Data scientists reveal that an average organization spends a lot of time gathering and analyzing data in attempts to extract something useful. However, roughly two-thirds of their efforts do not conclude a significant discovery. Understandably, obtaining information that doesn’t lead to any action is of no use to these organizations. 

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In this context, data visualization is becoming an important business tool to analyze and extract actionable data more efficiently, with minimal efforts. Having said that, the use of AR/VR technologies in data visualization significantly improves process efficiency by rendering an immersive environment. For example, manufacturing companies can use virtual reality for quality control purposes. The quality control personnel can use VR headsets to inspect fabricated items and identify hidden patterns to reveal manufacturing defects if present. Similarly, adopting VR techniques during the product development cycle can accurately reveal indistinct flaws that may further lead to bigger challenges.


Improved Decision Making

There is no denying that implementing AR/VR techniques enables organizations to significantly improve their decision-making processes. Data visualization aid decision-makers to accurately grasp the most important facts and figures from the analysis reports. Furthermore, AR/VR simulations save their valuable time and effort that would be otherwise essential in the manual analysis of documents. 


Data visualization using AR/VR aids in formulating effective strategies to effortlessly achieve mission-critical business goals in the lowest timeframe. In addition, it strengthens business processes by enabling quick responses to effectively run day-to-day operations in various enterprises.


Data Exploration and Presentation

3D data visualizations using AR/VR technologies are effective at augmenting the data exploration processes at multiple stages. Data scientists increasingly use mixed reality techniques to analyze complex data structures and extract hidden patterns through immersive visualization. Similarly, leading research firms use VR simulations to meaningfully enhance their data exploration process. At the same time, 3D data models enable enterprises to accurately predict future outcomes of an action and make important business observations. 

AR VR App Development

Companies spend a lot of time and energy in presenting their business data in a quickly discernable format. The presentation of data becomes of foremost importance when they have to share discoveries or research findings. AR/VR/MR technologies provide them an effective way to collaborate with colleagues and share their discoveries with managers and stakeholders in a presentable manner.


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The Road Ahead

All major industries are starting to comprehend the value and significance of data visualization. The intersection between AR/VR technologies and big data analytics epitomizes the immense creative opportunities that enterprises have at their disposal. Several leading enterprises have already upgraded their data processing operations by implementing these technologies. In the coming years, we are going to see the increasing trend of incorporating immersive data visualization techniques in cross-industry business processes.


Final Verdict

It goes without saying that data visualization through AR/VR will enable organizations to expand their growth curve and enhance process efficiencies. It will further drive them in the right direction to effortlessly achieve their business goals through improved data analytics and future-proof decision-making processes. 


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