Create bash script to install package in ubuntu

Posted By : Raman Joshi | 30-Sep-2015

In this blog we all see that how we can create a shell script to install jar package from tar.gz file. Below is the steps we need to follow for package jar file into tar.gz.

Step 1 : First we need put all required jar files and .desktop file and other related file like icon and images required in one folder.

Step 2 : Then compress folder to create .tar.gz.

Step 3 : Now create the bash script which extract tar.gz file and install it in one specified location. Below is the script which is used in my case.

if which java >/dev/null; then
sudo tar xvfz CaptionLabs.tar.gz -C /opt #(Path for Extract Files)
mkdir ~/.local/share/applications/
sudo tar xvfz CaptionLabs.tar.gz -C ~/.local/share/applications
sudo cp ~/.local/share/applications/CaptionLabs/CaptionLabs.desktop ~/Desktop/CaptionLabs.desktop
sudo chmod 777 ~/Desktop/CaptionLabs.desktop
echo "Program installed.!"
echo "JRE Not Installed..!"

Step 4 : At last you need to change chmod +x of script to make it executable and run it.

This will create the .desktop file in desktop and you can run the application by double click on that icon.



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