Converting your Web App jar into Daemon Service in linux

Posted By : Prashank Jauhari | 22-Sep-2017

Linux Shell Script Code to create daemon service of a jar is as under. There is also link to shell script file at the bottom of the blog.




Most of the Code is self-explanatory.


Step to create Daemon


Step 1) In the Source code above replace the value of PATH_TO_JAR and PID_PATH_NAME and SERVICE_NAME variables with your jar path (path should be absolute), the name of the file(with absolute path) that will be created to store process id for your jar and name that you want to give your service.


Step 2) In Step 2 copy above file inside /etc/init.d folder


 It is the folder where all daemon services are stored.


Command for that is :sudo cp "file path of your service file" /etc/init.d/


Now you are all set.

Command for starting, restarting, stopping and fetching the status of service is as under


1) sudo service myservice start


2)sudo service myservice restart


3)sudo service myservice stop


4)sudo service myservice status



 You can download above script file from here.

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