Connect Angular with Spring Boot

Posted By : Ritik Jain | 30-Aug-2019

Connect angular2+ with spring boot and  request or response exchange process

For this, you must have little knowledge of spring-boot API making. But I will cover all concept of angular2+ and also tell you about how to send a request through @RequestParams and @RequestBody from angular2+.

Setup Angular2+

You're going to need a couple of things before proceeding:

  • Node.js
  • Node Package Manager (NPM)

To check whether or not you have both of these installed, visiting your command line or console and type:

$ node -v
$ npm -v

If nodejs is not installed then go to and download/install it.

We are going to install angular5 with the help of npm.

$ npm install @angular/cli -g
$ ng -v
$ ng new my-new-project --style=scss --routing
$ cd my-new-project
$ ng serve

Now angular5 is ready to work. Let start with integration part.

Go in app.component.ts


import {AppService} from './app.service';
export class AppComponent {
constructor(private appService:AppService) {
arrayOfTags: Array<String> = [];
this.arrayOfTags =;
},(errorRes) => {

Now go in app.service.ts

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
export class AppService {
constructor(private httpHttpClient) {
getAllTags(): Observable<any> {
return this.http.get<any>('http://localhost:8080/tags');
"http://localhost:8080" port where our spring boot application running and /tags is the API created in sprint-boot.
Spring boot /tags API code is given below-:
	public ResponseEntity<Object> getTags(){
		Map<String ,Object> response = blogService.getTags(accessToken);
		return ResponseHandler.generateResponse(HttpStatus.OK, true, "Tag list", response);
Send a request using RequestParams.
import { HttpClient, HttpHeaders, HttpParams } from '@angular/common/http';
export class BlogService {
constructor(private http: HttpClient) {
getEditBlogDetails(id): Observable<any> {
let params =new HttpParams();
return this.http.get<any>('http://localhost:8080/getBlogDetails',{params:params});
Send a request using RequestBody.
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