CollectionView Inside TableView in Swift

Posted By : Amit Kumar Mishra | 26-Sep-2018

Follow these steps to save time to create your e-commerce front page

1. First, you take a view controller 

2. Take table view from your object library then drag and drop in view controller and set constraints

3. Then create a table view cell and set identifier and create a cell class and attach with cell


4. Create a tableView outlet in the view controller and connect with table

5.  Take a collectionView from the object library and drag and drop in the table view cell

6.  Then createCollection View outlet in tableView cell

you can set the delegate and data source in both collection view and table view.


write a table and collection view that use in a number of rows and number of item and cell for a row at and cell for item at index path and use multiple counts in both table and collection view for use multiple cells create.

Both views are used in a View with his delegate and pass the data and reuse cells

these methods are used to less time to create an e-commerce page as given in the image


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