Cloud App Development Cost, Time, and Benefits

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 07-Aug-2020

cloud application development services


Cloud-based solutions are dominating the digital space as the technology continues to evolve with cutting-edge innovations. Cloud applications are gaining traction worldwide as they have become increasingly popular in all major industries. That being said, many leading organizations across the globe rely on cloud computing services to keep their operations up and running at all times. A CISCO study reveals that cloud data centers are likely to process almost 94% of workloads and computing instances by 2021. 


Cloud computing enables companies to easily scale their application as per the dynamically changing user requirements. Besides, the serverless architecture reduces hardware complexities, improves operational efficiency and puts you in better control of your application processes. 


Let’s explore the other benefits of cloud application development services. Subsequently, we’ll review important factors that you must consider while investing in cloud application development. 


What Is a Cloud Application?

A cloud application is a software program where the processing logic and data storage is processed in the cloud environment. Here, data processing is managed by the combination of local devices and a cloud computing solution. Given below is a basic cloud computing architecture. 


cloud app development


The application runs on the cloud via dedicated application program interfaces (APIs). Users can interact with the application through their web browser or a mobile application.


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Benefits of Cloud App Development Services

There are several factors that contributed to the worldwide growth of cloud computing across different industries. Cloud-based applications provide better scalability, productivity, interoperability, and enhanced operational efficiency. Given below are the main benefits of cloud app development services


Fast Deployment

Cloud-based applications can be built, tested, and deployed in less time. It allows enterprises to deploy new updates much faster and provides them time and agility to market. As a result, they can resolve issues quickly and be more experimental and thus more competitive.



Cloud applications have access to numerous computing resources. It gives you the ability to scale your applications rapidly without increasing your capital investment. Besides, it lets you effectively deal with the potential security threats.



Cloud applications are not restricted to a single device. Therefore, it allows you to access and interact with the application using various devices safely and securely. You only need an internet connection to access the application.



Cloud-based applications are less expensive to operate and maintain. They enable you to reduce the cost of infrastructure as a majority of the processing power and storage are handled remotely. Besides, it reduces the cost of maintaining servers and the cost of supporting your applications onsite.


Cloud App Development Time and Cost

A basic cloud-based mobile application requires 300 to 600 hours of development time and it may cost you around $15,000. However, the time and cost can significantly increase depending on the complexity of the application and its value proposition. A medium complexity cloud application may take 600 to 800 hours of development time. It can further go up to 1200 hours based on project requirements. The estimated cost for such an application will be in the range of $20,000 to $50,000. 


Cloud Hosting Prices

When it comes to cloud app development, you also need a reliable cloud hosting service. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are the most popular cloud platforms that provide affordable hosting services for varied project requirements. 


cloud app development services


AWS Cloud Hosting Services

Amazon gives you free hosting for one year if you sign up for an AWS account. After that, it can be up to $30 per month based on the server usage. Besides, you can also avail a variety of other AWS services (160+ services) on a pay as you go basis. With AWS free tier, you gain access to 60+ AWS services for a period of 12 months. It includes 750 hours of Amazon EC2 and RDS compute capacity, 5GB Amazon S3 storage space, 25GB Amazon DynamoDB storage, one million free requests per month for AWS Lambda, and much more.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting Services

Similar to the AWS cloud, Azure offers a pay as you go pricing model where you only pay for the resources you have utilized. You can choose to pay hourly or monthly for their cloud hosting services. Azure hosting services are cheaper as compared to AWS. Plus, you get 12 months of free cloud services. With this, you get 750 hours of computing space for Windows and Linux-based virtual machines, 5GB Blob Storage, 5GB file storage, 250GB SQL database, 15GB network bandwidth, and more.  


GCP Cloud Hosting Services

The GCP pricing model is similar to AWS and Azure. However, with GCP, you can opt for a pay-per-seconding billing scheme which is quite affordable and cost-effective. Besides, you get several unique benefits and discounts depending on the cloud usage. For instance, you can save up to 30% on workloads that run for a considerable amount of time on Cloud SQL and Compute Engine. With GCP free tier, you get free credit worth $300 and 20+ free products and services. Besides, there is no upfront cost and you can quit any moment with paying any additional charges. 


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Cloud computing has become ubiquitous in web and mobile app development processes. Companies belonging to all major industries have become cloud-ready for all sorts of reasons. As already discussed above, the cloud approach provides a number of benefits while also reducing development costs and complexities. The best part about cloud app development services is that you don’t have to deal with any sort of hardware complexities, server expenses, and data storage issues. 


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