Cloud Accounting Software Vs Desktop Software: Which Is Better

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 27-Jul-2021


Cloud Accounting Software Vs Desktop Software: Which Is Better?


A majority of accounting software development solutions are moving to the cloud. However, it is essential to understand the difference between desktop accounting software and cloud-based accounting software. 

While they are both finance and accounting software, there are subtle distinctions that could mean a lot for your business. They each offer significant benefits over one another and we recommend that you analyze which direction you wish to take. The technological advancement in the FinTech industry has made cloud accounting software more widespread, however, there still exist many use cases for desktop accounting software. 

The option that you select will depend on your specific requirements, situations, and budget. Nevertheless, it will also depend on how you are most likely to operate and use your accounting software. In this article, we will explain what each software means and how to leverage them for your business.

Accounting cloud software development
Desktop Accounting Software Development Services

Contrary to online financial accounting, the traditional method of accounting was limited through desktop software. Such software is typically paid for upfront where new updates are applicable only when a new version has been launched and installed. There is a regular upgrade cycle, and the business owners have to pay the full amount for each new version. Usually, it is used by one individual on one computer.

There are some advantages associated with desktop accounting software. For instance, you are assured that the access and data are secured with you on your computer. It also enables you to operate and work without the need for any internet connection. Desktop accounting software is a popular option among small businesses and companies. 

Cloud Accounting Software Development Services

With the swift proliferation of the cloud, accounting software developers and SaaS service providers have witnessed the possibility of having people pay monthly rather than annually. The technology has given clear opportunities for charging companies a monthly subscription price for their software. However, there are a plethora of advantages that cloud computing services and online accounting software bring to the table.

For instance, it offers a way of streamlining accounting operations and reducing the amount of work that accountants and finance professionals have to do. There are also an array of tertiary benefits that come along from not having to build & maintain your own hardware infrastructure in order to run your accounting software tools. The cloud furnishes impeccable advantages that make it a practical choice for a majority of businesses today. 

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Key Differences

There are fundamental dissimilarities between desktop and cloud accounting software. They are often based on pricing, security, reliability, and scalability. Some of the most prominent differences are mentioned as follows:


Accessibility is one of the biggest challenges of desktop accounting software. At a time, only one person can use it and you have the downside of having it physically available near the computer.

If the desktop accounting software is installed on your office computer, you will never have remote access. The cloud wins in this segment by a phenomenal margin as you can access your online accounting software from anywhere across the globe. With it, you are no longer dependent on one accountant who may be off-duty.


Scalability is another segment where cloud app development services win. The cloud provides almost unlimited computing capabilities, meaning your software can grow larger in size as you wish. 

Moreover, you can also buy subscription packages that allow multiple log-ins at the same time. With desktop accounting software, each user necessarily has to have physical access to the computer on which the software has been installed.

Backup & Updates

Most accounting software offers you some way of backing up and securing your data. While both desktop and online accounting software gives you the ability to save your data, cloud software has the added advantage of never losing your data. Your desktop computer, on the other hand, could crash, causing your precious data to be wiped out. 


Your software will be as reliable as your computer system if you opt for desktop software. It means that your IT and operations departments would have to be extra professional to ensure that you always have the access to your software. Whereas, the cloud has built-in reliability, which means it is extremely reliable and you never have to worry about losing your data. 

Cloud accounting software also includes payroll accounting functionalities to ensure that you get everything in a reliable package. It is also efficient to do accounting software integration in the cloud. It makes it a lot easier to hire accounting software development experts to furnish you with add-ons that your organization needs.

Making The Right Choice With Us

If you are a small business owner or looking for simple accounting software, we recommend going for desktop accounting software. However, for better reasons and for companies of all shapes and sizes, cloud accounting software will be the ideal choice. 

At Oodles Technologies, we have hands-on expertise and in-depth knowledge of cloud services integration and software and mobile app development. With our deep industry experience, we provide holistic and intuitive solutions that are tailored to business requirements. If you are looking for cloud app development or mobile application development services, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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