Cling understanding and its configuration in grails project

Posted By : Shubham Saxena | 22-Dec-2014


Understanding Cling


Cling is an effort to create a UPnP-compatible software stack in Java. It uses the services that the UPnP devices provide. The two important kind of devices are UPnP media server and renderers. The server is actually the provider of the media like a audio or video track while the renderer is the player of that track.


Download and configure Cling:


Download cling from Present cling version is 2.0.1. But i was stuck at some point in implementation so it so used just previous version of cling that is 1.0.1. In grails application, one can just put cling's jar files in lib folder and give its classpath. Jar files are cling-core-1.0.1.jar and cling-support-1.0.5.jar. I also used teleal-common-1.0.14.jar.




 Testing the configuration


For testing that the cling is configured correctly, one can put up the code in the editor and see whether we are getting desired logs or not. The link for the code to test is


Cling Workbench:


The purpose of workbench is to provide the functionality of the cling functions. That is, each of the functions that are implemented in the cling, are made to work on the click of the buttons provided in workbench. For example, the workbench will search for the media servers and renderers. While clicking on anyone of them, one will be able to see and use the services that the selected device provides.





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