Choosing Java for Enterprise Application Development

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 11-Mar-2019

Java for Enterprise App Development

Java is one of the oldest and most popular programming language used by software developers globally. It’s an open-source language and is used for developing Android smartphone apps, web apps, native apps, enterprise apps and more. Java provides an object-oriented model to help developers create scalable, reliable, robust and multi-tiered applications.


Java Web App Developers at Oodles Technologies create enterprise applications using the Java EE platform. Using this platform prevents developers from the complexities of enterprise application development. It offers a runtime environment, API, and development model through which our developers concentrate on the functionality of enterprise apps.


Java Enterprise Applications are designed to solve problems faced by a large number of enterprises. Java EE platform helps create powerful applications for government, corporations, agencies and more.  Let's dig in further to know what Java Enterprise Application Development services can offer.


Simple and Cost Effective

J2EE assists companies to adopt a simple software application development process. With this platform, developers can easily create reusable and standardized modules which result in saving app development cost. Java EE platform provides developers with a multi-tier architecture, enabling them to manage various programming aspects automatically.


Reduces Complexity

The J2EE platform provides a runtime environment, API, and development model to reduce complexities of enterprise application development. It helps developers concentrate on the functionality of an app, making enterprise applications powerful, secure and reliable for business operations.  


                                                    Our Java Deployment Phases/ Cycle

                                               Pre Deployement Java Cycle

                                               Deployment Phase

                                               Post Deployment Phase

For handling the functionalities of Enterprise applications, Oodles Technologies create multi-tier applications, client-tier application, Web-Tier applications, business-Tier, Enterprise Information Systems Tier apps using the J2EE platform.  


Multi-Tiered Applications: Multi-tiered apps contain middle Tier, client-Tier, and Enterprise Information Systems Tier.


Client Tier: Client program included in Client-Tier makes requests to the middle-tier.


Middle-Tier: Multi-Tier is divided into web and business tier. It processes clients application data and manages their requests. After processing Multi-tier permanently, stores data in  Enterprise Information Systems Tier (data-Tier).


Web-Tier: The  software developers at Oodles use web-tier in its Java Enterprise application development platform to:


  • Generate Dynamic content in various formats

  • Control flow of screens or pages

  • Hold data temporarily in JavaBeans components and perform basic logic

  • Maintain Data for the user’s session

  • Collect users input and provide appropriate results in the Business-Tier

                       Enterprise App Development

In Java EE application development, middle-tier plays a very crucial role by making enterprise application reliable and highly secure.


Apart from the J2EE platform, Java offers its ES Software to provide strength to enterprise applications. Oodles Technologies integrates Java ES software in application development to ensure high performance, security, scalability, and serviceability of applications.



Our Support in Enterprise Applications Development


                                                    Enterprise App

There are a lot of platforms and programming languages available for web and mobile applications. In spite of many technological advancements, Java has sustained in the app development industry for years. Software developers use it for creating scalable and robust applications.


Are you thinking of getting a feature-rich application developed using Java? Contact Oodles Technologies, one of the leading Java J2EE development companies in India. We create dynamic, power-packed mobile applications and web applications that are User-centric. Apart from Java, we develop mobile applications using Kotlin, Swift, and Objective-C. For more details on Custom Java Web and Software App Development services contact us now!  



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