Challenges in setting up and running a Grails project

Posted By : Manish Kumar Narang | 30-Sep-2017

My project uses Grails framework and since we also train people in grails through our project, the project needs to be installed many times on different machines. While installing there are several issues which one encounters and if one is not familiar with the solution, the installation time may increase by at least a couple of hours. I thought I should add my two pence worth on this topic. I shall try to enumerate the common issues and their solutions here. We use grails 2.2.4, ggts-bundle 3.6.4 and JDK 1.8.31. It is better to remove java from the machine if it is not 1.8.31 and replace it with jdk1.8.31. Some java version gives compatibility issues with grails 2.2.4. 

Problem 1: Grails requires a JDK. You may get an error message like this - 


Solution 1: GGTS does not consult the JAVA_HOME environment variable. The issue can be resolved by using the -VM argument and manually giving the path for JVM.  Just add

<path to jdk>/bin/java

at the beginning in the file ggts.ini . Make sure that there is no spaces before the -vm argument. The file should begin with -vm

Problem 2 : You may get the following error message while running the project - 

| Error 2017-06-18 16:54:58,702 [Thread-38] ERROR plugins.AbstractGrailsPluginManager  - Plugin [i18n:2.0.1] could not reload changes to file [/home/project/grails-app/i18n/]: Error starting Sun's native2ascii: 
Message: Error starting Sun's native2ascii: 

Solution 2 :  1 ) cd to jdk path

                 2 ) cp lib/tools.jar jre/lib/ext/tools.jar


Problem : You may get an error message like this while running the project -

Mar 05, 2017 3:51:31 PM org.springsource.loaded.jvm.JVM copyMethod
SEVERE: Problems copying method. Incompatible JVM?

To make it work to get hold of springloaded-1.2.5.RELEASE.jar Put this into grails-2.4.4/lib/org.springframework/springloaded/jars/folder. When you install ggts inside the ggts-bundle folder is grails-2.4.4. So put the file in the above location within the ggts-bundle folder. Re-launch GGTS.

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