Building an Online TV Channel or Web TV station

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 02-May-2019

Building an Online TV Channel or Web Station


The viewing habits of audiences are changing globally with the ubiquity of cheap internet connections. The demand for satellite TV is declining due to access to multiple OTT platforms. They provide viewers access to rich, engaging and easily accessible content at their convenience.


Media businesses should create a web version of their scheduled programmes to keep up with current viewing trends. OTT video delivery solutions hold a great appeal for viewers with several on-demand entertainment options. It is a trend that will continue to grow over in the near future. Investing in video streaming platforms has become critical for media businesses due to rising competition from OTT players.


Our experts are adept at creating dynamic and user-friendly media streaming platforms. We develop media solutions to organize and manage online video content of media businesses across the globe.


    Checklist Required in Creating Online TV Channel


OTT service is the future of rich media delivery and consumption


OTT platforms provide several opportunities to entrepreneurs and enterprises with their rising popularity. These platforms are more profitable than broadcast television due to lower infrastructure costs.

                                          Online Digital Video Solutions

Oodles OTT Video Delivery Solutions



Video On Demand and Live Streaming


Our OTT solution experts are proficient at developing OTT Video Delivery solutions that are scalable for streaming rich media to viewers across the globe. We provide video-on-demand and Live streaming services to establish our media clients as preferred service providers.


Set-Top-Box Application Development


We offer native set-top box solutions that are fast, intuitive, and engaging. Our OTT experts develop high quality, robust apps for multiple VOD and OTT platforms including Amazon Fire TV stick TV, Roku, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Vewd TV, webOS SDK, Foxxum OTT, Google Chromecast and more.


Smart TV App Development


We specialize in creating feature loaded Smart TV applications using SDK technology. Our developers build user-centric smart TV apps for clients which enable them to showcase their brand and market themselves better. We have expertise in developing Smart TV apps for Samsung Native, Tizen, Opera, and others.


Video CMS, Chat and Conferencing


We integrate Video Content Management System( CMS), video chat and conferencing with existing OTT platforms. We enable clients to communicate and collaborate with businesses overseas to facilitate business expansion.  We also provide features like sharing and recording to help businesses and teams collaborate and work together effectively.


WebRTC Application Development


We integrate WebRTC in business-specific web applications to enable our customers to position their brands through scalable WebRTC application development. We facilitate peer-to-peer communication across mobile devices and web for client projects, employees, or standalone users. Our solutions include real-time text chat, screen sharing, audio-video communication, data exchange, live streaming, tracking, recording, and more.


Why it is significant to create an Online TV Channel?


Various online streaming platforms have achieved milestones in the business of video streaming. One of the leading streaming TV service provider, Netflix has gained 117 million paid subscribers. The demand for such platforms will only expand in the years to come, therefore investing in an OTT platform is beneficial for TV content providers. Oodles Technologies builds online streaming platforms that deliver rich and engaging offerings at scale.


Concluding Thoughts


Demand for VOD platform development is growing rapidly.  A growing number of media houses are now investing in online platforms to keep up with audience preferences.    


If you are planning to set up your own media streaming business, then drop us a line We have a team of OTT experts who are skilled at creating dynamic and user-friendly online video platforms. Talk to an OTT expert today!



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