Blockchain Use Cases for Enabling Better Governance

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 06-Oct-2019

Blockchain in Government

Dr. Jane Thomason, the CEO of research firm Abt Associates-Australia quoted  at London Blockchain Week "Blockchain offers governments a fast, secure, efficient, transparent means of being able to deploy government services and communicate with their populations" 


The blockchain technology has the potential to modernize the public and government sectors. Blockchain’s distributed ledger system lay the foundation of secure, flexible, and high performing government functions. It streamlines processes, reduces waste, fraud, and abuse while simultaneously increasing trust. 




The blockchain-based government model can overcome the following challenges 


  • Securely stores businesses and citizen’s data

  • Reduces labor-intensive processes and excessive costs

  • Reduced chances of corruption and abuse

  • Increases trust in government and online civil systems 


Businesses, individuals and governments can use a blockchain-powered government model to share resources over a distributed ledger, secured using cryptography.  It enables businesses to eliminate a single point of failure and inherently protect citizens and governments' sensitive data. 


Prevent Voting Frauds through Blockchain: According to the Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database, a total of 1217 voting frauds to date are reported in the U.S. Using the Blockchain technology government can prevent the integrity of the voting process. The blockchain technology reduces foreign intervention in the voting process. It enables voters to vote at their place of convenience using the Internet. The immutable blockchain record can flag redundancies of the voting process to ensure only eligible voters vote. 


Companies using Blockchain solutions to reduce voting redundancies:


  • Votem:  A blockchain-based mobile voting platform designed for voters to securely cast votes in elections across the globe. 

  • Democracy Earth: A blockchain-based “Sovereign” voting platform implements quadratic voting to build a consensus of human participants available to all networks. 

  • FollowMyVote: A secure citizen feedback blockchain online voting platform that ensures greater voting transparency.  

Transparent Budgeting  : Half of the peoples hard earned money is not utilised efficiently because of the corrupt middleman involved in the completion of the project. They misguide the government by presenting wrong figures to them. Taxpayers demand answers from the government when their hard-earned money is not used for destitutes welfare but to fulfill politicians' illegitimate demands. 

The blockchain-based govenment model eliminates the role of middleman, thereby, reducing the cost of the overall project. It provides a clear overview of who concieved, voted for or encouraged wasteful spending practices while commencing a project, 

Companies using Blockchain for transparent budgeting

  • National Research Council of Canada – National research council of Canada uses Ethereum blockchain to increase transparency in Government contracts. 


Replaces Paper-based Systems : Government every years spends  a huge amount of money to maintain files of  different projects including taxes collected, from what sources it is collected, where it is spend, how much is invested for the homeless and what not. The 70% of Taxpayers investments are used in maintaining  single five-drawer filing cabinet, a clerks’ salary, and other indirect cost including file transfers. Government organizations are now empasizing on reducing the digitizing the storage of records using blockchain technology. 


Blockchain has reduced the need of paperwork by storging every data in the form of blocks. Every detail stored on blockchain platform consumes no storage space and the crucial data is 100% secure and free from errors. 



Blockchain technology improves coordination and communication between the government authorities, intermediaries, and stakeholders. It automates various processes to overcome the inefficiencies of the government. The government can use blockchain technology to digitally store data and prevent data breaches. 



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