Big Data and IoT transforming manufacturing industry

Posted By : Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | 11-Mar-2019

Big Data and IoT

Manufacturing has transformed from a traditional set of mechanical process to a high-end automation industry. Most of the manufacturing industries are adopting upcoming technologies to improve productivity, efficiency and minimize overall operational cost. The sector is accepting technologies like big data analytics, IoT, AI, and cloud computing. To race ahead in the market, manufacturers must be aware of these upcoming trends.


Industrial clouds and Big Data

As per experts, nearly 75% of the manufacturers will adopt cloud computing services by the year 2022. As IoT is merging devices and processing them on a real-time basis, industry clouds are coming up as a better option for information sharing. With the convergence of operational technology and IT, manufacturers can also access completely linked IT network and experience streamlined production based capability.


Stretched supply chain

With the rising number of consumer requirements, a large number of companies are trying to take care of customer-centric needs. They are doing so by taking overall control of the value chain and by taking more noteworthy responsibility for the value chain. To make their products more customer-centered, manufacturers must reevaluate their products and services.


As per a few experts, nearly 30% of the American retailers offer application-based services. Nowadays, consumers don’t like to wait. Customers need their products on time. Organizations that need to flourish must put resources into their skills that help in building worldwide visibility of stocks, enhanced manufacturing, and logistics, thereby speeding up the settlements


Advanced level clarity with improved data gathering

With cloud-based analytics and improved information collection frameworks, manufacturers have deeper insights into their business tasks. With more imperative cloud computing, big data is at long last getting to usable, supporting manufacturers increase production and create increasingly intuitive task systems.


IoT development services are transforming almost every surface into a sensor for data collection and providing experiences for organizations. With manufacturers ready to gather information from such a significant number of sources, they can pick up an increasingly thorough comprehension of their business, enabling them to enhance activities and address issues before these issues emerge.


Agile Manufacturing

Most of the manufacturers know about Lean manufacturing method. However, while lean manufacturing centers around distinguishing territories to diminish waste and improve proficiency, the agile manufacturing approach is associated with transforming consumer requirements. With consumer tastes and requests changing so quickly, makers must adapt and present new items, for all new products. With this methodology, high-end expectations of value must be kept up, and costs restrained.


Organize Processes with an ERP

To make themselves agile, the organization itself looks for different programming solutions. These methods are not incorporated, leaving your information and representatives stuck in data storehouses. An option for using numerous software apps is the use of one ERP platform. To become completely agile, a manufacturer must use an ERP framework. The framework gives total functionality in a solitary interface. Also, it enables a solitary source of data to stream among departments.


This venture gives a solid establishment to use IoT enabled devices, cloud computing, and business intelligence (BI) devices. By embracing these latest technologies, makers can keep pace with developing patterns and be ready to react quickly, shaping markets and worldwide conditions.


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