Best Frameworks for Android App Development

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 19-Feb-2019

Best Framework for Android App Development

Businesses can only earn profits when they are able to reach out to their audiences and the best way of doing this is making use of a mobile application. With mobile applications, businesses can connect easily with a wide range of customers.


There has always been a battle between Android and iOS and many developers feel that building an application for an Android smartphone is difficult in comparison to iOS. Mobile application development is a difficult process for application developers. To make it an easier process, a variety of frameworks are launched. These frameworks help application developers, design Android applications without any hassle.  Let's know the popular frameworks app developers use and know how these help in the Android application development process.


jQuery Mobile


jQuery Mobile offers a touch-optimized mobile framework that helps the software developers to design a top-notch responsive website or application that easily gels with a variety of smartphones and tablet computers.  One of the best benefits mobile application developers avail with the jQuery framework is its compatibility with cross-platform frameworks. Frameworks like Worklight and PhoneGap, when combined with JQuery, help produce excellent custom theme based applications for iOS, WebOS, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian operating systems.




Cordova is a free and open source mobile app development framework that uses a single code base for creating multi-platform mobile apps. Developed using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, this framework allows applications to use native device APIs without any hassle. Cordova also offers offline assistance which makes it one of the user-friendly frameworks for developers across the globe.




TheAppbuilder is a flexible app-building framework available online. It helps businesses create top-notch mobile apps without the knowledge of designing. Each application designed using TheAppBuilder is well synced and highly interactive. Apps built with TheAppBuilder work well on different operating systems so that clients do not pay an extra cost for running an app on different operating systems. TheAppBuilder also creates in-depth analytics report with which app creators can take strategic decisions related to that app. With regular analysis, it becomes easier for the developer to analyze feature that is responsible for slowing down an application. It helps them remove these features on time so that users feel comfortable using it.




AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript-based web application framework designed by Google, corporations and a community of individuals. AngularJS framework helps developers address the challenges faced in creating single-page applications. This framework is suitable for building dynamic mobile and web apps that allow developers to use HTML as a template language. It eliminates too much dependency on coding so that applications developed work faster with zero downtime.

Listed above are a few popular frameworks that app developers can choose. Selecting the best out of many available frameworks for mobile app development could be challenging. With certain limitations in each of these frameworks, it would be difficult to suggest one to meet the app requirements businesses. Are you searching for a reliable framework for your app development requirements? Get in Touch with Oodles Technologies, a leading web and mobile application development company in India, offering suitable mobile app development solutions to businesses across the globe. Have a mobile app idea in mind, Contact us now!  

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