Benefits Of Using AWS For DevOps

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 03-Feb-2020

DevOps Development Solutions


DevOps is a set of practices that includes an amalgamation of software development teams and information technology operations to reduce the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The main aim of our DevOps services is to provide continuous delivery and high software. 


Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides flexible services that enable businesses to reliably and rapidly deliver and build products through AWS and DevOps. These services aim at simplifying provisioning, manage infrastructure, deploy the application code, automate the release of the software, and monitor infrastructure and application process. In our DevOps service, we use AWS to accelerate your software development life cycle.  


Let’s explore why using AWS for DevOps can be beneficial: 


1. Easy to Get Started With: Businesses have to set up an account on AWS to use the services. There is no need to install software to use AWS services. AWS provides scalability to enable DevOps teams to support every instance and expand quickly and easily across thousands of instances. This feature of DevOps enables businesses to properly and instantly distribute the resources for their cloud site or app project. AWS is far from traditional data centers or hosting services. It provides immense flexibility to allocate resources. The cloud project scales and horizontally providing allocation across different verticals. This service of AWS enables DevOps teams to properly allocate resources and provide a fast and responsive experience on any cloud-powered site as well as application. Media Temple provides managed services for AWS to enable the usage of infinite cloud services. 


2. Facilitates Collaboration: The main aim of DevOps practices is to facilitate collaboration between different departments. AWS plays a critical role in facilitating cross-organization collaboration. It’s identity and access management lets DevOps teams set up different permissions and policies for individual project stakeholder. It also offers granular over work in progress. AWS features allow users to view and share the DevOps work in real-time and within a secure environment. 


3. Automation: DevOps engineer’s main work includes their ability to automate certain processes and that is what AWS CodeDeploy does itself for the businesses. CodeDeploy is an AWS service that enables teams to automate various manual tasks including testing and deployments. AWS Management Console (AWS CLI) automates and manages various tasks. It also provides detailed reports to achieve the desired results and timing of the automation. AWS services enable businesses to take complete advantage of AWS resources faster. It does everything on its own which means there is no need to set up, install, or operate infrastructure. These features enable businesses to focus on mission-critical tasks.  


The intense power of CodeDeploy can have serious consequences across the organization. AWS has automated scaling up and down which was earlier a time-consuming process at the time of traffic spike. AWS services also reduce downtime by using automated provisioning scripts to prevent income and user loss. 


Are you looking for DevOps services to accelerate your software development life cycle? Get in touch with our experts to know how our DevOps services can help you with software development and delivery. 

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