Benefits of Moodle Learning Management System

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 12-Oct-2019

Leaning Management System Moodle

Learning is an ongoing process, therefore, Organizations are adopting various Learning Management systems (LMS) to support employee's training. Out of so many Learning Management systems available online Moodle tops the chart. Let's explore why companies prefer to use Moodle e-Learning management software for employees’ training. 


  1. Open Source: Moodle is an open-source training software distributed under the General Public License. It enables administrators to run, share, and alter their LMS as per the organization's requirements. 

Oodles Moodle plugin development services deliver tangible results in the form of high scalability and increased operational efficiency. We develop stable and error-free plugins for Moodle app platforms to enhance the learning experiences of end-users

  • Moodle proprietary plugin integration

  • Custom plugin development  

  1. User-Friendly Interface: According to Brandon Hall Group’s research in 2016, around 44% of the companies using LMS thought of replacing it with a user-friendly LMS. Moodle’s user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation contains three distinct columns. Users with minimum training can easily access multiple training courses using the middle column of Learning Management.  Based on HTML5 Moodle is designed to be responsive on any mobile device. 


Oodles design team creates unique learning interfaces for Moodle-based web and mobile applications to drive maximum engagement and interactivity. We create personalized themes for Moodle learning interfaces that are consistent with your brand image

  • Moodle UI UX design

  • Moodle theme development

  • Functional mockups and prototypes 


  1. Easy to Customize: Every learning management system needs some alterations to fit into an organization’s requirements. To make an LMS appear like a company’s training management software it has to be altered with the company’s name, logo, and brand color. A certified Moodle partner can assist the users with alterations to make customizations easier for them.


Oodles  integrate Moodle learning apps with proprietary Moodle plugins to enhance their capabilities with improved performance and efficiency. We formulate effective strategies to migrate e-Learning apps from their existing tech stack to Moodle LMS platform

  • Enhance performance and capabilities

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Facilitate Easy data transfers and seamless app migration


Moodles Development and Consultation 

Development and consultation team at Oodles build intuitive e-Learning applications for web and mobile platforms to enhance knowledge of end-users with effective learning techniques. Our Moodle developers evaluate your project requirements to create and publish engaging learning content for a variety of online courses.



  • Moodle mobile app development

  • e-Learning module development

  • Personalized learning content

  • Easy Customizations


We are a Moodle Development company that provides end-to-end intuitive e-learning platforms that deliver engaging user experiences. Our custom e-learning solutions improve the knowledge and skills of end-users with effective tutorials and insightful learning content. Our development team is skilled at using Moodle plugins and modules to build engaging web and mobile interfaces for unique learning experiences. Get in touch with us for more details! 




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