Enterprise Benefits of Using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 10-Apr-2020

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An increasing number of organizations in different industries generate enormous amounts of data every day. Furthermore, every internet user produces large chunks of data that enterprises may use to enhance their customer experiences. Collecting and analyzing this high-throughput user data enable organizations to extract the likes and preferences of their potential customers. As a result, they are able to optimize their services and product offerings, while retaining their existing customers at the same time. However, to meticulously extract and analyze this data, they require an exceedingly complex software infrastructure that may be difficult to set up and manage. 


Amazon Kinesis is a fully managed cloud service that makes it easy to collect, process, and analyze real-time data streams. Consequently, you get real-time insights into user data so you can react proactively to new information extracted from various sources. Amazon Kinesis provides advanced capabilities to process and analyze data streams at any scale. Besides, you get to choose from a variety of tools to optimize the streaming data as per your application requirements.


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What Can You Do With Amazon Kinesis Data Streams?

Amazon Kinesis enables developers to extract real-time data such as application logs, website clicks, and audio/video content and process it with machine learning algorithms. Using Kinesis, they can process and analyze data as it arrives and respond accordingly without waiting for the entire data stream. Since the developers are able to respond instantly to the incoming real-time data, the application processing is fast and lightweight.


Below are the main enterprise benefits of using Kinesis Data Streams:


Real-time Data Analytics

Amazon Kinesis combines advanced parallel processing capabilities with real-time data processing to extract useful information. For instance, you can process website clicks in real-time using Amazon Kinesis to obtain valuable user data. Furthermore, this data can be used to analyze user behavior and improve website usability accordingly to maximize user engagement.


Instant Reporting With Real-time Metrics

You can view real-time reports to analyze various data streams as they arrive. With AWS Kinesis, you do not have to wait until the data batches are collected. Instead, you can review and analyze data streams as they are made available and process them simultaneously using multiple Kinesis applications running in parallel. 


Accelerated Data Feed Intake

Amazon Kinesis facilitates faster data feed intake since it doesn’t require you to batch the data on servers. Furthermore, it enables you to push data directly into a stream and make it available for processing. For example, pushing a website clickstream will make it available for processing and analysis in a matter of seconds. Similarly, you can push data logs and system files to initiate a seamless data processing task. By doing this, you may ensure that your mission-critical user data is adequately protected and available for processing whenever you need it. 


Processing Complex Data Streams

Amazon Kinesis significantly simplifies data processing and enables you to process complex data streams in real-time with increased accuracy. To effortlessly manage the incoming data, you can create Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) of various Kinesis applications and independent data streams. By doing so, you typically put data from multiple Kinesis applications onto a different data stream to achieve downstream processing.  


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Developing Data Processing Apps Using Amazon Kinesis

Above all, AWS Kinesis enables developers and enterprises to create their own data processing and analytics-based applications from scratch. A Kinesis Data Stream application typically reads data streams in real-time and process them as data records. Besides, you may run these applications on Amazon EC2 instances using Kinesis Client Library. Amazon provides an intuitive web services dashboard interface to centrally manage data processing tasks and marketing strategies. Besides, you can share data with a variety of other AWS services such as AWS CloudFront and AWS Media Services. 


At Oodles Technologies, we use AWS Kinesis to build data-driven web applications with advanced analytics and data processing capabilities. 


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