Benchmarking Cassandra Scalability On AWS

Posted By : Dipen Chawla | 29-Sep-2017

Netflix has been revealing the Apache Cassandra NoSQL information store for creation use in the course of the most recent a half year. As a component of our benchmarking we as of late chose to run a test intended to approve our tooling and mechanization adaptability and in addition the execution attributes of Cassandra. Adrian displayed these outcomes at the High Performance Transaction Systems workshop a week ago.



The computerized tooling that Netflix has created lets us rapidly send huge scale Cassandra groups, for this situation a couple of snaps on a website page and around a hour to go from nothing to a substantial Cassandra bunch comprising of 288 medium estimated cases, with 96 examples in each of three EC2 accessibility zones in the US-East district. Utilizing an extra 60 cases as customers running the anxiety program we ran a workload of 1.1 million customer composes every second. Information was consequently duplicated over every one of the three zones making an aggregate of 3.3 million composes every second over the bunch. The whole test could finish inside two hours with an aggregate cost of a couple of hundred dollars, and these EC2 cases were just in presence for the term of the test. There was no setup time, no exchanges with IT operations about datacenter space and no more cost once the test was finished.



The time taken by EC2 to make 288 new occurrences was around 15 minutes out of our aggregate of 66 minutes. Whatever is left of the time was taken to boot Linux, begin the Apache Tomcat JVM that runs our robotization tooling, begin the Cassandra JVM and join the "ring" that makes up the Cassandra information store. For a more common 12 case Cassandra bunch a similar arrangement takes 8 minutes.



The Netflix cloud frameworks aggregate as of late made a Cloud Performance Team to concentrate on describing the execution of segments, for example, Cassandra, and helping different groups make their code and AWS utilization more effective to decrease idleness for clients and expenses for Netflix. This group is at present searching for an extra designer.



Expenses of Running This Benchmark:


Benchmarking can take a ton of time and cash, there are numerous changes of elements to test so the cost of each test regarding setup time and figure assets utilized can be a genuine confinement on what number of tests are performed. Utilizing the Netflix cloud stage robotization for AWS an emotional diminishment in setup time and cost implies that we can without much of a stretch run increasingly and greater tests. The table beneath demonstrates the test span and AWS cost at the typical rundown cost. This cost could be additionally lessened by utilizing spot valuing, or by offering unused reservations to the creation site.


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