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Posted By : Rudhishthir Prakash | 25-Sep-2017
Balance of control and responsibility on cloud depends on the category of the service:
1. Move-In Ready: Use immediately with minimal configuration.
2. Some assembly required: Existing services are a starting point, with additional configuration for a custom fit.
3. Build from the ground up: Building blocks, create your own solution or apps from scratch.
Azure Application Platform:
1. Build on a Developer Platform (PaaS)
a. App Service - Web, mobile, API and logic apps.
b. Service Fabric - Cloud native, microservices based app.
c. Functions - Serverless, event-driven functions.
d. Cloud Services - Custom monolithic 3-tier stateless apps.
e. Other PaaS - Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, Apprenda, Jetlastic, etc.
Build on the OS(IaaS):
1. Virtual Machines and Containers.
2. Storage
3. Networking.
Key Benefits:
I. High  Availability and Disaster Recovery
1.Replicate - Ensure web app availability with site cloning and traffic manager while protecting data with SQL Database active geo-replication which also allows reads from secondaries.
2.Restore - Enable self-service data restoration with automatic database backups with up to 35-day retention to any point in time.
3. Protect - Schedule daily backups of both your web application and database for longer-term data protection.
II. Security and Hybrid Connectivity
1. Built-in - Secure app data to the browser or hand-held client applications with complete SNI or IP-based SSL certificates.
2. Flexible - Leverage Hybrid connections or VPN support to connect applications to legacy on-premises data, VMs, Azure services or to a corporate network. Enable Azure Active Directory for federated application logins.
3. Compliance - Verified by key auditors, key Azure certifications and approvals such as HIPAA, BAA, ISO/IEC 27001:2005, FedRamp and E.U. Model Clauses. Audit application activity with operation logs and database activity with SQL Database auditing.
III. Scale up + out
1. Automatic - AutoScale your web applications based on either a schedule or rules you define to ensure consistent performance.
2. Flexible - Programmatically scale up and down SQL Database throughout to support performance needs or scale out and in across thousands of databases to support multi =-tenancy or sustained workloads.
3. Global - Extend your global reach and presence with 17 global data centers and counting and leverage the footprint to balance the needs of your application and business.
IV. Superior Performance
1. Powerful - Dial up the required resources for websites and SQL Databases to support bursts or sustained heavy application workloads; backed by 64-bit VMs and the ability to support to 5,000 concurrent connections.
2. Predictable - Achieve predictable performance with SQL Database performance levels which deliver defined throughput units.
3. Efficient - A choice of cache technologies and a global CDN network to bring content closer to users reducing the load on origin servers and brings faster response times while reducing computing costs.
V. Self-healing
1. Hassle free - Remove virtually all infrastructure maintenance with websites and SQL database which provide automatic OS and framework patches and data backups as part of the service.
2. Automatic - Built-in database replicas help deliver inherent system stability which means less IT tax. System replicas are automatically moved to new machine on-the-fly.
3. Continous - Enjoy continuous deployment with Visual Studio Online(TFS), Git, GitHub, and Mercurial, and Website Slots for a hot swap between staging and production.
VI. Application Monitoring and DevOps
1. Hassle free - Stay informed of application health with End-Point Monitoring, Alerts, App Insights, and with deeper views in the Azure Management Portal.
2. Automatic - Quickly identify and troubleshoot potential issues with Application and Site Diagnostics and Dynamic Management Views for deep analysis on database queries and bottlenecks.
3. Continous - Leverage Visual Studio for live debugging of your application code and take advantage of HDInsight service to reduce and analyze application behavior.

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