Architecture of Spring Data for Graph Database

Posted By : Prabjot Singh | 30-Apr-2015

Spring is an open source framework written in java. Spring has provided the modules to

deal with dao layer. Spring data is one of them. Spring Data Neo4j provides API to

perform database operations.


Additional features of Spring Data Neo4j

There are some features we can think about to go with Spring Data Neo4j

  • Supports Neo4j Template
  • Supports CQL (Cypher Query Language)
  • Supports Neo4j Lucene Indexing
  • Supports Transactions
  • Supports Annotation Based Mapping
  • Supports Neo4j Graph Module


Architecture of Spring Data Neo4j

 Before starting with spring data neo4j, we need to understand the architecture of this module, how it works. The following diagram shows the architecture of Spring Data Neo4j.


Graph Repository – Graph Repository provides basic operations to perform on database. We can perform crud operations and support cypher query language. So make your own repository and extends with graph repository ,perform basic operations on database.we can use dynamic finders with repository.

Graph Template – It is a spring template, provides a methods to perform database operations like create,delete relationships,nodes etc

Crud Repository – It provides crud operations to perform on database. It extends by the Graph Repository to inherit crud operations

Pagination And Sorting Repository – It provides pagination and sorting operations. So CrudRepository extends pagination And Sorting Repository to inherit pagination and sorting features.

So we will extend our own Repository by Graph Repository ,it provides all basic features.

Neo4j Graph Database – This is actual server, where graph data is stored




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