AR VR Based Training in Metaverse: Key To Organizational Success

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 27-May-2022


AR/VR Based Training in Metaverse


Continual progressions in technology have brought a plethora of useful and incredible tools to businesses across different industries as well as our everyday lives. These tools and applications have furnished a wide range of use cases and applications, and the list grows longer and longer with each passing day. 


While recent times have witnessed a full spectrum of new and bold tech ideas and implementations, the metaverse is indubitably on top of that list. The technology itself leverages other next-generation solutions such as AR/VR, blockchain, edge computing, 3D modeling, and more. The vision of this concept varies from business to business, however, they all have one thing in common – an expansive network of real-time rendered 3D worlds that a large number of users can participate in simultaneously. In other words, the metaverse is conceived as a hyper-realistic simulation of the physical world where you can work, study, perform, play, learn, transact, collaborate, communicate, attend virtual concerts, and do almost everything that you can possibly do in your actual life. 


Moreover, much of the borderless metaverse is tied to a digital economy, where businesses can actively engage in extending highly immersive virtual environments to the users for a multitude of activities such as digital simulations, training, presentations, and real-time conferences. Furthermore, the wider adoption of blockchain, the development of 5G, profound innovations in AR/VR technologies, and the shift to remote working amid the COVID-19 pandemic have made the entire notion of the metaverse more comprehensible for people and businesses alike.


In this blog, we will discuss the implications of metaverse development services in cahoots with AR/VR solutions for corporate training and digital transformation. So, let us begin.

AR/VR Metaverse Training

Applications for AR/VR Based Employee Training in The Metaverse


Over the years, enterprises have been successfully leveraging digital simulations for training professionals in different industries and careers for decades. For instance, pilots’ simulations aid in alleviating potential damage and threats to expensive aircraft whereas medical simulations offer healthcare students several opportunities to learn medical science and practice cutting with a scalpel without actually cutting into a person.


While AR/VR is steadily becoming less expensive, easier, and readily available to use, its usage across many industries and business sectors is proliferating, especially in enterprise training. 


Most recently, mega-companies such as Henkel, Porsche, AST, and more are heavily investing in AR/VR technology in order to efficiently train their personnel. Also, with Meta (formerly Facebook) pouring millions of dollars into constructing next-gen metaverses for multiple industry-specific usages, businesses of all shapes and sizes have now progressively started to embrace metaverse enterprise solutions for offering training and virtual simulations with utmost immersiveness and engagement. 


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Benefits of Enterprise Training in the Metaverse


  • Enabling Employees To Gain Technical Skills Immersively


AR and VR are ideal for infusing practice-based learning and developing soft and technical skills. For instance, Walmart uses VR to train its employees in order to handle customers in a better way. The retail giant also leverages virtual reality technology to get its employees familiar with sales, handling customers, and resolving user queries. Such opportunities enable businesses to aid employees in offering increased customer satisfaction. 


Enterprises can construct VR simulations for different situations that the employees would likely encounter. Altogether, this makes employees more used to and comfortable with the actual situations and allows them to furnish better services to the customers. 


  • Increasing Learning Experiences in the Metaverse with Gamification


Gamification has been used for training and onboarding employees for a while. AR and VR have taken gamification to an entirely new level within the metaverse. 


Enterprises can efficaciously leverage AR/VR to architect advanced gamification techniques for advanced and improved learning. This process is ideal for getting your employees on board whilst also cutting the tiresome training process by nearly half. You can even architect different conferencing environments for your company in the metaverse and arrange meetings, presentations, training, and more. Moreover, gamification with AR/VR is readily embraced since it creates a sense of reality, enabling employees to learn and train extensively in real-time.


  • A Better Way of Practicing Skills


AR and VR can be used to provide real-time training and simulation opportunities to businesses and their employees. Moreover, practicing skills in realistic 3D environments enables them to retain much more information and remember it in a better way altogether. 


In fact, hands-on practice and immerse training ecosystems in the metaverse is the best way to retain information as compared to conventional discussions, conferences, presentations, or even audio-visual learning & training. According to studies, AR/VR-based training has a retention rate of 75% as compared to lectures with just 5% retention and learning capabilities.


  • Reducing Costs With Easily Repeatable Training


VR training in the metaverse is relatively cheaper as compared to other forms of physical training. This is because it lowers the need for different and expendable materials that are required for training purposes. Additionally, virtual instructors in the metaverse further permit trainees to learn with comparatively less supervision needed, thus saving on the time and costs of physical instructors.


Moreover, as a result of the reduced cost of training and overall risks involved, short VR training can be used and repeated within the metaverse many times. Each module repetition or replay does not lead to further expenses on additional resources. Subsequently, trainees can also build more experience and familiarity with the task with 3D simulations and real-time training sessions in the metaverse. Moreover, since training modules based on AR/VR are also highly configurable, trainees can efficiently go through various procedures with each repeated session.


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Use Cases of Metaverse Solutions in Training


  • Training employees for products, customer service, sales
  • Training to use machinery and tools
  • Scenario-based training and tactical drills for law, security, and military professionals
  • Simulating challenging situations such as fire, low visibility due to smoke
  • Conducting emergency drills like rescue, evacuation, and firefighting
  • Practicing medical procedures
  • Onboarding warehouse workers with various processes and layouts
  • Teaching safety and maintenance procedures for facilities and installations


Summing Up


Most people essentially relate metaverse with gaming, however, there are numerous use cases present today that are only projected to increase in the coming years. The global goal of metaverse adopters is to change the way users interact with the internet or perform their day-to-day activities. Apart from these, enterprise training, learning, digital simulations, and conferencing are being readily embraced by businesses all over the world, making the entire process much more realistic, engaging, and immersive.


At Oodles Technologies, we enable businesses to traverse the metaverse with new-age digital transformation services. As an established metaverse development company, we implement related technologies such as blockchain, edge computing, 3D modeling, and AR/VR development services to construct ultra-real decentralized metaverse environments that are engaging, immersive, and intuitive. 


If you are looking for metaverse development services or AR/VR app development solutions, feel free to drop us a line. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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