Apple TV Revamps Siri Experience With tvOS 12

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 07-Sep-2018

Apple TV Revamps Siri Experience With tvOS 12

It has been confirmed that Apple’s annual Keynote event is happening on September 12 this year. It will mark the official launch of an array of Apple devices including iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 4 and the sixth generation Apple TV. And as the release date is approaching, people are anxiously waiting not only for the devices to roll out but also the OS supporting them. As it turns out, the Apple TV users have huge expectations from the new device that is going to be launched on September 12 and from the new Apple TV operating system (tvOS 12) that is coming along. And though we don’t have the final release yet, the several beta versions that were launched earlier by Apple for tvOS 12 have provided us a nice look at some of its features.


Of course, the features introduced in beta versions were tentative and subject to changes and modifications but it’s quite likely that these features will be included in the final release. Same is the case with iOS 12. Apart from these features, Siri is also going to receive a major overhaul both in iOS 12 and tvOS 12. In this blog, we have described some groundbreaking Siri features in tvOS that are going to revamp the TV viewing experience of millions of Apple TV users.


Siri integration is a crucial part of tvOS and it has been upgraded time-to-time to cope up with the latest devices and trends in technologies. For quite a long time, the Apple TV users have grumbled that Siri on tvOS 12 is not as good as it is on iOS unless you are integrating it with HomeKit accessories. So lately, Siri has been the main focus of Apple for its tvOS platform. Explained below are some powerful Siri features in tvOS 12 that may revamp the TV viewing experience of thousands of Apple TV users.  


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New Siri Features On Apple TV


#1 Live Tune-In

A new Siri feature called Live Tune-In has been added to tvOS 12 which lets Siri open up live TV content on various apps using commands like “Watch ESPN” or “Watch HBO.” Siri is now smart enough to find content within various apps. For example, you can give it random voice commands like, “Play Wrestlemania videos on YouTube” or “Play a movie on Netflix.” Doing this will launch the app and prompt it to play the desired video.  


#2 Smart Search

Siri in tvOS 12 enables a systemwide search functionality that allows the Apple TV users to search content across various apps like YouTube, Google Chrome, iTunes, Netflix, Showtime, HBO Go and Hulu Plus. For example, if you search for something like “Roller coaster videos,” all the apps on your Apple TV where you can watch roller coaster videos would appear. There is in fact, a list of apps that support systemwide searches which you can use to broaden your search radius.


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#3 Replay Content

This is an uber cool feature in tvOS 12 and probably the best one till date. You can now ask Siri to replay a part of the content you are currently watching. For example, if you missed some dialogue while watching a movie or didn’t quite understand it, you can replay the sequence for up to 15 seconds. Just ask Siri, “what did he just say?” or give a similar command. When you do that, Siri rewinds 15 seconds and temporarily turns on the ‘subtitles’ to help you better understand it.  


#4 Real-Time Enquiry of Media

While watching a movie or TV show, you can ask Siri about any information related to what’s playing. For example, while watching a movie on your Apple TV, you can ask questions like, “who directed this movie?” or “what’s the star cast?” Sometimes, Siri can also provide you information about the age of a person, his nationality, previous movies and much more.


This and many other Siri features in tvOS 12 makes it a tempting choice and it may be yet another reason to upgrade to the higher version.  


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