AngularJS for Frontend Development

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 30-May-2019

AngularJS for Frontend Development

Released in 2009, AngularJS is an open-source framework designed by Google to address web development process challenges. It is popular among frontend developers for building an engaging UI. This framework is primarily designed to enhance the efficiency of web applications.


AngularJS overcomes the limitations of website development to make apps resilient. It effectively creates multi-page dynamic apps and single page apps, while supporting MVC programming structure. Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS does not bundle up the existing tool. The carefully engineered framework works optimally to deliver exceptional results in frontend development.


Oodles Technologies provides top-notch and extensive AngularJS development services. Let’s explore the benefits of AngularJS and why it is essential to adopt it for frontend development.


Easy to Learn and Get Started


Developers feel confident in developing an app with AngularJS due to its pre-designed templates. The browser parses these templates into the DOM and converts it to AngularJS compiler. The framework passes templates to receive rendering instruction called directives. Available templates make it easier for those with less computing skills to develop highly responsive apps easily. Simply by adding a few attributes to the HTML, developers can easily finish off their app development tasks easily.


Offer Complete and Comprehensive Solution


AngularJS provides front-end developers with a single integrated solution for web application development. With everything inclusive in it, this platform requires no external frameworks or plugins for building an application. It enables developers to use MVVM (Model View View-Model) patterns, dependency injection, REST actions, data binding, inbuilt templating using HTML and built-in unit testing APIs.




Coding is an essential element of web app development. Developers find AngularJS efficient because it reduces the need for additional codes. This framework integrates easily with existing code and processes. The framework allows web developers to easily communicate between applications and cross method platforms. The platform demand splitting of an app into several MVC component, and from there the project is taken over without the need for additional coding.




AngularJS framework runs web applications on clients machines. This platform subdues the limitations of CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and other programming languages. Available as an open source, AngularJS enables developers to come up with resilient and feature-rich applications at an affordable cost.


Declarative UI


Angular JS is fully structured with UI. It enables developers to understand the end results of UI by reading JavaScript and HTML components.  Interactive and flexible interface assists in making components manipulations easier. Designers can easily learn markups, enabling them to express declarative UI which is more meaningful for the entire team.  


Simplifies Testing


Testing is not required while using AngularJS. The framework comes with a pre-built unit testing option to let the developer abide by the exact code needed at each stage of coding. Automatic testing reduces the efforts of developers to test their code or even speak with the QC team for the coding part.


AngularJS framework handles complexities developers face in website designing. Applying AngularJS in frontend app development enable developers to progress faster and impress clients. The framework is backed by Google which gives the developers an opportunity to enhance the performance of their apps and make their apps more responsive.


Are you planning to upgrade your data-rich business apps? Get in touch with our AngularJS developers at Oodles Technologies for simple yet scalable applications with rich features that cater to complex business requirements. Our developers are well versed in creating customized apps for different business verticals. We develop native apps that are fast, intuitive, and engaging for users across the globe. We enable our clients to market themselves with confidence and establish a prominent presence in their business domain. Apart from offering services in AngularJS we have expertise in providing other services in SaaS Application development including Mobile Application Development, Multi Tenant Application Development, and more.


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