Amazon Web Services vs Microsoft Azure service

Posted By : Ankit Sharma | 29-Sep-2015

1. Azure is smoothly integrated with the Microsoft products and windows related development and hosting while AWS has little interoperability problem with microsoft environment.

2. AWS is more cost effective than the Azure but more complex in pricing, when it comes to long term computing requirments Azure is better.

3.  AWS is more flexible in terms of pricing because it offers pay per time bound pricing along with bidding features for on demand use.

4. Azure's block blob storage provides 200GB limit while AWS EBS gives 1TB limit.

5. AWS provides GovCloud which is under ITAR complaints regions for vendors who satified their criteria. While Azure do not have any provision for federal department.

6. AWS is the biggest Iaas and PaaS service provider.

7. Azure do not provide auto scaling for limited use of software testing or running batch processing while AWS has these features inbuilt.

Who is better?

Azure is better than AWS in expandable block storage while AWS is better than Azure in auto scaling services, data centre proximity and account managmnet logging



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