Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Posted By : Rohit Godara | 14-Sep-2018

Amazon Elastic Transcoder is media transcoding within the cloud. it's designed to be an extremely ascendable, simple to use and a value effective method for developers and businesses to convert (or “transcode”) media files from their supply format into versions which will playback on devices like smartphones, tablets, and Pcs.


Elastically ascendable :
Amazon Elastic Transcoder is intended to scale seamlessly along with your media transcoding employment. Amazon Elastic Transcoder is architected to handle massive volumes of media files and huge file sizes. Transcoding pipelines alter you to perform multiple transcodes in parallel. Amazon Elastic Transcoder leverages alternative Amazon net Services like Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon easy progress (SWF) and Amazon easy Notification Service(SNS) to present quantifiability and dependableness.

Cost Effective : 
Amazon Elastic Transcoder uses a content duration-based evaluation model: you pay supported the length of the output, in minutes, of the media you're transcoding. for instance, if your video's transcoded output is a half-hour in length, you'll acquire half-hour of transcoding. Similarly, if you produce a twenty-minute video clip from a thirty-minute input data, you'll acquire twenty minutes of transcoding. Alternately, if you're handicraft along 2 five minute input files to form one ten minute computer file, you'll acquire ten minutes of transcoding. With Amazon Elastic Transcoder, there are not any minimum transcoding volumes, monthly commitments, or future contracts.

Managed :
Amazon Elastic Transcoder permits you to specialize in your content instead of on managing transcoding software package in a very distributed cloud-based atmosphere. The service takes care of scaling and operational the system and manages the method of keeping codecs up so far. Combined with our service API and SDKs, this makes it simple for you to make media solutions that use Amazon Elastic Transcoder.

Secure :
Your content is underneath your control: your assets are in your own Amazon S3 buckets, that you provide us access to through IAM roles. This makes it easy to suit seamlessly into your current security and identity framework while not jilting management. In building Amazon Elastic Transcoder, we tend to created use of security best practices gained by building alternative Amazon net Services.

Seamless Delivery :
By using Amazon Elastic Transcoder, Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront, we can store, transcode and deliver your content. By setting the S3 permissions for your CloudFront distribution in Amazon Elastic Transcoder, it is now a simple one-step process to transcode content with Amazon Elastic Transcoder and to provide the multiple output videos via progressive download or adaptive bitrate streaming (HLS, Smooth, or MPEG-DASH) with CloudFront.

AWS Integration :
Amazon Elastic Transcoder provides a very important media building block for making end-to-end media solutions on AWS. for instance, you'll be able to use Amazon ice mass to store master content, Amazon Elastic Transcoder to transcode masters to renditions for distribution hold on in Amazon S3, stream these renditions at scale over the web victimization Amazon CloudFront, and monitor the health of your transcoding progress victimization CloudWatch.

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