Achieving Business Success with Business Intelligence

Posted By : Asha Devi | 20-May-2019

Business intelligence (BI) solutions play a critical role in making faster and better business decisions. Though BI implementations are complex, the benefits of using standard implementation practices are enormous and significant. This blog post explores why businesses need BI solutions and their impact on improving decision making.  


BI for business success


Business intelligence is a suite of software, services, and processes to derive data insights in the form of dashboards, visualizations, reports, maps, charts, and graphs. A BI solution may mine data collated from websites, mobile apps, or connected devices to enable business decisions.


It is a process that includes data mining, analytics, querying, and reporting.  


Purpose of Implementing BI in Business


Business Intelligence is an umbrella term used to describe the best practices, infrastructure, software, and other relevant tools that are essential for decision making and enhancing business performance. Business intelligence can be used in any number of ways.


To mention a few, they are:

Purpose of Implementing BI in Business

Make better and more informed business decisions


Strategy, analysis, and planning are essential for consistently achieving business growth. BI can be used to measure staff performance, manufacturing process, market analysis, sales efforts, data analysis, and more. Corporate executives, business managers, and business leaders can make informed business decisions with BI.


Deploy the right resources and reduce costs


Business intelligence provides insights necessary for allocating budgets, cutting costs, reducing data wrangling efforts, formulating effective strategies, curbing manipulation, preventing delays, and reducing costs. When an organization implements all essential BI tools, its capacity to effectively deploy resources improves with significant savings.


Identify new business opportunities


Another advantage of implementing BI is that you can understand consumer behavior better. BI boosts the ability to analyze consumer search and buying trends. This helps to recognize the gaps in new product development, R and D, and understanding consumer requirements to strengthen your position in the market.


Spot inefficient business processes


Implementation of the right BI system enables you to identify areas of improvement, discrepancies, and errors in invoicing or billing to maintain profit and loss balance. A BI system provides greater transparency to gain a better understanding of business processes and modify them as required.


Optimize internal business processes


Business intelligence is essential for achieving strategic objectives such as identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to make quick decisions and optimize internal business processes. Dashboards and scorecards help to align metrics with KPIs, derive periodic snapshots of progress, trigger automated alerts, and plot business health.


Increase operational efficiency


BI systems enable you to turn data into actionable insights. You can use them to share information across departments, reduce duplication, generate reports efficiently, and improve accuracy. It facilitates organization efforts to take small steps, refine operational processes, gather feedback, and establish new and better processes.


Drive new revenues


With BI, organizations can identify mechanisms for enhancing customer experience and spot new revenue opportunities. It includes employee selection and onboarding, R and D, staff management, decreased attrition rates, tackling annual turnover, and increase service speed.


Identify market trends and gain competitive advantages


Today’s market is saturated with social media advertisements, mobile apps, pay-per-click campaigns and more to attract users. Business intelligence enables marketers to assess the effectiveness of their business strategies, understand competitors, personalize sales strategies, and make marketing decisions based on facts.


The Right Time to Implement BI for Business


The right time for a business to implement BI solutions is when the following events occur -

  • A huge spike in data

  • The customer base swells beyond the organization’s ability to handle them

  • Reporting requirements increase leading to delays

  • Generating real-time updates becomes a challenge

  • It becomes essential to collate data from multiple sources

  • Actionable insights become necessary but difficult to generate


Key Benefits of Implementing BI Solutions


Business intelligence empowers all stakeholders. It brings data integrity, eases governance, and provides fast decision-making capabilities. A few of the main benefits have been highlighted here.

Benefits of Business Intelligence for Business
  • Data-driven process


Business leaders don’t have to rely on gut decisions to make critical decisions with BI. It enables them to derive detailed financial, production, or customer data as required. The current return on investment, necessary gaps to close, product enhancement, product discontinuity, and all necessary business actions could be made on the basis of real value.

  • Increased efficiency


A BI solution can identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses, evaluate competitors, identify trends, and provide inputs for accelerating processes.

  • Reduced risk


Data integrity challenges are solved by to strengthen business decisions. It plays a pivotal role in reducing business risk.

  • Customer satisfaction


It is easy to identify profitable customers, potential customers, or dissatisfied customers with BI. Users can effortlessly extract insights that are necessary for improving customer satisfaction.

  • Predictive analysis


BI tools that have predictive analysis features provide risk assessment capabilities, prevent customer churn, forecast sales, analyze markets, and perform financial modeling.


So, now you know when and why to implement business intelligence solutions for your business. The next step is to get in touch with a technical partner who can help you realize these benefits. At Oodles, we have a BI team that is proficient at meeting business intelligence requirements of businesses from diverse industry domains.


How we enable you to implement BI solutions

  • Apart from medium-sized businesses and enterprises, we help small businesses to harness BI benefits with Software as a Service(SaaS) solutions hosted on the cloud.

  • We build a data warehouse or opt for semantic layers as per your business needs to ensure a value-driven decision process.

  • We create interactive dashboards for organizing, capturing, and generating reports

  • Our BI team provides reliable database engineering solutions for sharding, partitioning, and monitoring.

  • We implement machine learning techniques to improve data processing accuracy of multi-format data collated from different sources


To know more, get in touch with our BI experts.


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