Access multiple OpenShift accounts using terminal in Linux

Posted By : Raman Joshi | 22-Jun-2015

Today in this blog we all understand that how we can access multiple account of OpenShift using terminal in Linux. If we have multiple OpenShift account and want to access application which is installed on that account, it sometimes creates problems.
Firstly we need to setup our account which we want to access through terminal.Below command is used to setup a particular account.

 rhc setup -l <username>

This will create the public key for the system to access OpenShift account. Also you can create application from terminal by using below command.

 rhc app create <appname> <cartridge>

 Now you can use below command to logout from any logged in account.

 rhc account logout

Now to access applications which belongs to different accounts use below command.

rhc ssh <appname> -l <username>

By the use of above command you can access application which have the same name but belongs to different accounts. If you need further help regarding OpenShift you can contact me.




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