A Guide To Creating A Video Training Platform in 2022

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 29-Apr-2022


Video Training Platform Development


Amid COVID-19, online learning and training have proven to be the most effective and reliable solutions to several hurdles that surfaced because of the global lockdown. No wonder institutions and enterprises across all industries began seeing video training software development as a functional and winning solution, which can seamlessly meet the ever-increasing requirements of businesses around the world. 


Many small and medium-sized enterprises have actively started to leverage training videos to streamline their employee or client onboarding process. Altogether, this comes with a plethora of implications for successful employee training and development benefits.


The initial investments in building a video training application will not only help in saving tons of valuable time for your business but will also aid in managing resources for years to come.


In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about video training platform development and how to build a custom enterprise training platform of your own. 

Video training platform development

What Makes a Good Video Training Platform?


If you are looking forward to building a video training platform, there are some particular boxes that you need to tick in order to assure that the application will be able to convey your message effectively and simplify your training process. Here are a few tips that will help you in making a robust video training platform from scratch. 



The quality of your audio and video content and real-time streaming will make or break the entire viewing experience. In the instance of architecting an enterprise-grade video training platform, you don’t have to stress about paying users being blissful with their purchase, however, it is recommended that you should present your company in a professional manner to your employees and team members.


  • Clear Objectives


One imperative aspect that your video script should inculcate is a set of clear objectives for every training session and module. Training videos can often feel more like a formality for new employees and trainees in many positions, therefore, it is pivotal to remind them of the “why”. Your objectives should emphasize less on what the videos are designed to teach and more on the purpose of teaching it all together. This type of approach will make the entire training session or presentation easier to understand and follow, thereby keeping your viewers engaged with your platform. 


  • Ease of Access


Of course, you are going to add interactive UI/UX in order to keep your application user-friendly and robust. Your employees should have appropriate credentials and the training platform shouldn’t be complex to use. The interface should be as such that the users don’t have to jump through the hoops to access the content. Moreover, the application should also be safe from unauthorized viewers.


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Process For Building A Robust Enterprise Video Training Application


eContent Development Tools


While the corporate training platform should have an employees’ login page and dashboard, it should also have feature-rich and robust authoring tools that enable you to design enticing content ranging from MS docs to highly engaging and interactive courses. Such tools generally comprise pre-build media technologies, templates, tests, and frameworks. They can also be manipulated to construct and modify content whilst assuring that it is compliant with current eLearning formats such as HTML5, AICC, LTI, xAPI, SCORM, etc. 


Gamification and Scenario-Based Training


The employee training application should offer you access to the latest digital media technology to create engaging and immersive content. One of the major highlights of enterprise training app development is that it enables you to build personalized training paths. Furthermore, it allows employees to progress through the entire course at their own pace whilst earning badges, rewards, points, and other accolades along the way until they successfully finish the entire course or training module. Gamification of learning is one such way to achieve this goal.


Blended Solutions


Your learning management system should be extremely seamless, simple, and easy to set up and scale. It can be achieved through cloud-based app integrations which can be efficiently scaled for high volumes of traffic and data. The employee training platform should also enable you to furnish blended approaches such as interactive videos, AR/VR, next-gen gamification, social & microlearning for blended as well as mobile learning. It should also inculcate frameworks and tools for communication and collaboration, enabling you to interact with your peers, instructors, and learners. For example, the trainees can leave a message or post a query on the messenger where trainers can reply within a dedicated amount of time. They can also post on social media as well as in other communities triggering discussions and debates. It ensures a greater connection with the subject and makes learning more relevant and interesting.


Tracking and Analytical Tools


During any course or training session, it is pivotal to monitor and track the progress of employees and also the effectiveness of the training module itself. The training app, therefore, should include efficacious tools for training and analytics that enable you to track the status and advancement of employees in real-time. During the course delivery, it should also be able to analyze metrics based on predefined metrics along with presenting readily-available data-driven reports graphically for detailed insights and actions. Also, ensure that the learning management system enables you to export custom reports on the basis of specific datasets. The application should also allow employees to evaluate their performance via feedback and assessments for further improvement.


Build Customizable Video Training Platform With Us


Online training has garnered massive ground ever since it made its solidified appearance over a decade ago. It has a myriad of benefits to its credit, the main being that it provides employees and trainees with greater control over their training, seamless access to a rich and immersive repository of resources, and a robust platform for interaction with subject experts, thought leaders, and peers within the organization irrespective of their geographical locations.


If you are looking for building enterprise-grade video training or learning management systems with advanced real-time video streaming and AR/VR capabilities, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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