A Comprehensive Guide To OTT Application Development

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 04-Jun-2021


A Comprehensive Guide To OTT Application Development

OTT applications, such as Netflix and Hulu, have capsized the entire entertainment industry, making online television subscriptions the new norm. With over 209.5 million users in 2021, OTT platforms have gained swift momentum. This number becomes much more significant when we see how quickly OTT development services are growing, pushing all other forms of video consumption to the rear of the line. With the enormous demand comes an even larger market to meet consumer demands.

The two primary reasons for the growing popularity and demand for these VOD applications are convenience and an ad-free experience while watching movies, TV shows, and other material.

If you are planning to build an OTT platform or video streaming application, then this article is for you.

Getting Started With OTT Video App Development

After you've seen how starting from scratch with an OTT video platform may help you expand, the next stage in OTT app development.

Hosting- When creating your own OTT platform, you have the option of hosting videos on your server or in the cloud.

Multiple CDN - Your OTT platform's development is solely dependent on selecting the correct CDN support to balance user demand worldwide. An effective CDN decreases core traffic in the network and improves low latency.

Streaming Protocol- An OTT video platform that supports HTTP and RTMP live streaming protocols can help you get the most out of your viewing experience. 

Transcoder - Every video/audio file has unique needs in terms of format, size, and quality. Simply put, Transcoder converts your videos into multiple auto-adjust compatible formats such as Web, Mobile, and TV. 

Cross-Platform Support- OTT platform development that supports many revenue strategies allows you to stream a range of videos. Cross-platform OTT service interoperability allows for the most cost-effective streaming of uninterrupted videos. 

DRM Security- To take advantage of the built-in OTT service, make sure your platform is protected from cyber-attacks. Dynamic watermarks, paywall integration, password protection, and platform limitations are just a few of the video security options available.

Steps For OTT Video Application Development

To build a video streaming app or an OTT app, you must first choose a technological stack. This includes determining the best server, streaming protocol, and security frameworks.

If you are new to this sector and have little or no understanding of OTT application development, it’s better to partner with an accomplished and skilled software development company or professional mobile app developers with pertinent expertise. To get the most out of your money, make an informed selection.

Let's go over the measures that need to be taken to create a successful OTT app.

Choose a Niche

You must first choose the niche for which you will provide a video streaming app before availing OTT app development services. Only by picking the correct niche, you can launch a successful OTT platform.
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Create a Content Repository

You can't overlook generating an inventory of content that you'll broadcast on your OTT video service when it launches. Also, keep in mind that the material must be fantastic because the content is the fundamental piece of any OTT platform.

Decide Your Business Model

There are three types of business models used by OTT services.

  • AVOD (Advertising model)
  • TVOD (Transactional model)
  • SVOD (Subscription model)

Your app concept will suggest the business model you should implement. 

Create your website

When you've decided on a business model, it's time to build the first module of your OTT service, i.e. your website. Web browsers are still the primary source of streaming video, with roughly 39% of people preferring to watch material on them.

Choose the right tech stack

After you've completed your analysis of the commercial aspects of developing an OTT app, you'll need to decide the tools and technologies you'll employ to construct your OTT video app.

A lot of businesses use third-party APIs and services to speed up the development process. They get an MVP version of the final app ready to launch and test in the market.

While there are a variety of technologies and third-party tools available for creating OTT apps, the final selection will be based on your specific needs and app concept. So, before you decide on the technology, talk to your video OTT app developers to know more insights.

Here's a rough tech stack for making Netflix-like OTT apps:

  • Languages: Kotlin, Swift, JavaScript, Python
  • Database and Cloud Services: MongoDB, Oracle, Amazon EC2, MySQL, Cassandra
  • Third-Party APIs: AWS, Web RTC, Socket.io, Wowza
  • DevOps Tools: GitHub, Git, Jenkins
  • Libraries and Frameworks: React, NodeJS, Win.JS


Get your mobile app developed

The last stage is to put your plans into action and construct your app. Get in touch with a custom OTT platform development company that can help you choose the right server, streaming protocol, and security systems based on your requirements. 

Do you have a project in mind? Why not put our abilities to the test? From OTT application development, design, support, and market video solutions, we do it all. Go on a journey to conquer the OTT market with our team of motivated OTT app developers. Drop us a line.

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