A Brief Introduction to Amazon Simple Queue Service

Posted By : Adarsh Singh | 28-Aug-2019

AWS Simple Queue service allows the user to decouple and scale distributed systems, and serverless applications. SQS eliminates the complexness and overhead related to managing and operational message-oriented middleware and empowers developers to specialize in differentiating work. Using SQS, you'll be able to send, store, and receive messages between software components at any volume, while not losing messages or requiring alternative services to be offered. start with SQS in minutes using the AWS console, command Interface or SDK of your selection, and 3 easy commands.

SQS offers 2 kinds of message queues. standard queues offer the most throughput, best-effort ordering, and at-least-once delivery. SQS first in first out queues are designed to ensure that messages are processed precisely once, within the actual order that they're sent.


Eliminate administrative overhead:

AWS manages all in-progress operations and underlying infrastructure required to provide an extremely available and scalable message queuing service. With SQS, there's no direct value, no need to acquire, install and configure messaging software, and no long build-out and maintenance of supporting infrastructure. SQS queues are dynamically created and scale mechanically thus you'll be able to build and grow applications quickly and with efficiency.

Reliably deliver messages:

Use Amazon SQS to transmit any volume of data, at any level of outturn, while not losing messages or requiring alternative services to be available. SQS enables you to decouple application components so they run and fail severally, increasing the general fault tolerance of the system. Multiple copies of each message are stored redundantly across multiple handiness zones so they're offered whenever required.

Keep sensitive data secure:

You can use Amazon SQS to exchange sensitive data between applications using server-side secret writing (SSE) to encrypt every message body. Amazon SQS integration with AWS Key Management Service (KMS) permits you to centrally manage the keys that shield SQS messages in conjunction with keys that shield your alternative AWS resources. AWS KMS holds each use of your encryption keys to AWS CloudTrail to assist meet you're restrictive and compliance wants.

Scale elastically and cost-effectively:

Amazon SQS leverages the AWS cloud to dynamically scale supported demand. SQS scales elastically with your application thus you don’t need to worry regarding capability planning and pre-provisioning. there's no limit to the number of messages per queue, and normal queues give nearly unlimited outturn. prices are based on usage that provides vital value saving versus the “always-on” model of self-managed messaging middleware

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