A brief introduction to Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics

Posted By : Adarsh Singh | 30-Jun-2019


Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics is an easy way to analyze streaming data, insights, gain actionable, and respond to your business and customer needs in real time. Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics helps to reduce the complexity of the building, managing, and integrating streaming applications with other AWS services. The Users of SQL can easily query streaming data or build entire streaming applications using templates and an interactive SQL editor. The Java developers can quickly build sophisticated streaming applications using open source Java libraries and AWS integrations to transform and analyze data in real-time.


Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics takes care of each requirement to run your real-time applications continuously and scale-up automatically to match the volume and throughput of your data. With it, you only pay for the resources your streaming applications consume. There is no setup cost or minimum fee.


Benefits of using Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics:


1. Powerful Real-time Processing:


It has built-in functions to filter, aggregate, and transform streaming data for advanced analytics. It streams data with sub-second latencies, enabling you to analyze and respond to incoming data and streaming events in real time.


2. No Servers to Manage:


Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics is serverless, no need to manage the server. It process applications without requiring you to provision or manage any infrastructure. Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics automatically scale-up the infrastructure and down as required to run your applications with low latency.


3. Pay Only for What You Use:


With Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, you pay only for the processing resources that your streaming applications required.


Easy to Use:


Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics enables you to easily build queries and sophisticated streaming applications in three simple steps, setup your incoming data sources, write your queries and set up your final destination for processed data. It takes care of running your queries and applications continuously on data while it’s in transit and sending the results to your destinations.


How it works:


1. Capture streaming data with Amazon Kinesis data firehose or Amazon Kinesis data stream.
2. Query and analyze streaming data with Amazon Data Kinesis Analytics.
3. Output.


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