Will Google Keep Its Promise Not To Use AI For Weapons

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 10-Jul-2018

will google keep its promise not to use AI for weapons
Google had announced that it will not provide its support for US military’s Project Maven after collaborating with the Department of Defence to develop an AI system. The CEO of Google told, they have set ethical guidelines to work in AI and has promised not to use the Artificial Intelligence for the weapons or surveillance which could facilitate injury to people. The company will not use any or leak any information to technologies that collect information for weapons. Not only that, it has made some broad guidelines for AI, which includes issues like privacy, bias and a few more.


Google will not work on any project that violates the internationally accepted norms, Instead, their focus is on AI research that is socially beneficial. Though, the company will still work with the government as well as military to improve the cybersecurity, search, security, healthcare and training process. 


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Google’s involvement with the US Department of Defence’s project Maven created aggression in public, they are not ready to listen about how machine learning tools help analyze drone footage and accept the fact that Google is not helping the government to build killing machines as a result of which employees are leaving the company. They even felt that the company is not being transparent with them about such big decisions. 


Chief executive Sundar Pichai, told in an interview that Google is using AI “to help people tackle serious problems such as solving farmers problems,  preventing blindness, treatment of disease and prediction of wildfires. He even told that we will go ahead only when we have the confidence that the benefits substantially outweigh the risk and will keep in mind the proper safety constraints. Over 4600 employees had signed a petition to the higher authorities of the company. By looking at the backslash the company has faced due to this decision, the company has decided not to renew the contract next year. 



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