Why You Should Go For Open Source IoT Solutions

Posted By Manisha Jangwal | 22-Jan-2018


Why You Should Go For Open Source IoT Solutions

Ever since the wave of IoT has come, it is growing at an exponential rate.  Now, numerous devices are inter connected. Not only that, these are smart too. Washing machines, robotic vacuum cleaners, door locks, toys and even toasters and more are now becoming “smart.” Besides, IoT with AI implementations can create smarter applications. Society is gradually adopting internet of things in their daily lives as well as into their everyday business. This trend has made many companies bewildered about IoT selection. But what will be the right platform to choose for IoT? Selecting the best fit for IoT is not an easy job. 

There is no denying in the fact that the cloud IoT platforms are costlier to adopt for companies who only require these platforms for handling a few devices or relatively few messages sent to the cloud. However, Open source IoT solutions can reap you benefits and save your huge sum of the cost if you are dealing with massive amount of data and devices. Developers can use open source IoT solutions to create smart applications and also make changes in codes of IoT applications which enhances the performance. 

Reasons Why you need to consider Open source IoT solutions
Internet of things is beneficial for the company’s processes. Although IoT applications have included cloud-based platforms or closed source platforms, implementing this technology has been tough for small-scale firms in terms of cost. 


Advancements in IoT is happening at such a higher pace. It is leaving behind other technologies trends. So, you will need to follow through with the updated standards, brand new specifications, and change in requirements. Open source IoT solutions provide help to the traders for incorporating these changes and enabling the technology to develop speedily. Business’ requirements are difficult to deal with. And due to this, the requirements will get removed from the IoT platform. In this situation, open-source IoT solutions allow developers to make changes in the existing platform and complete the project on time. These open source platforms enable the manufacturers to keep up with the device’s interoperability.


The advantage of open source is that it combines the devices directly with IoT platforms as an individual channel to leave updates. With open-source IoT platforms, developers are capable of gaining access to an improved operability of IoT and boost the IoT infrastructure of an organization. 


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Here are three examples of  Open source IoT solutions which promise to be best for IoT platform. 

1.Kaa project: This is an open source project which is for management, development, and integration of smart IoT enabled devices. By  using Kaa project, developers can concentrate on integrating and interoperating products.

2. Macchina.IO: This framework specifically built for creating IoT   applications. Its specialty is that it is concerned on IoT which runs on Linux based devices. Macchina.IO could be an ideal choice for the firms that have their focus on associating smart devices with cloud-based platforms.

3.Netbeast: It is an open source, hardware independent, and   JavaScript-based framework that helps IoT technology to communicate irrespective of what the other devices are. There is number of Open source IoT projects for helping developers to create ever-evolving smart IoT devices. 

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