Why To Choose Ruby On Rails For Web Development

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 18-Jul-2018

Ruby and rails web development

Ruby on Rails also known as “RoR” or just Rails, is a programming language for Web development. It is an object-oriented programming language which is similar to the Perl and Python languages. It gives web developers a framework on which they can write their code easier to build websites and applications. Rails is written on Ruby and hence it gets its name, Ruby on Rails. Undoubtedly, Rails is one of the most trending web development tools amongst the developers. 


Inspite of having a large number of developers using Java, ruby is more lovable language. If you take a survey and ask developers about which language they use for web development, most of them will say Ruby on rails. Now you know how popular it is. What makes the Ruby on Rails so popular than others, have a look:


Budget Friendly:

Ruby On Rails is an open source framework which means any business can use this framework for creating web applications with free of charge licenses. Getting licence fees for other languages can be very expensive, thus ROR is very famous. The code is written in English which increases the speed of writing the code. The fact that ROR is free, makes it popular among the startups. 


Highly Productive: 
Ruby is a compact language and rails is a self-documenting framework. The readability of code is quite easy. It helps developers to launch apps much faster in comparison to other languages. ROR is most loved among developer as it simplifies common developmental tasks. It is simple and easy to use thus reduces the time to develop a web application. 


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Easy Coding:
Another thing that makes Ruby on Rails quite popular is easy to understand the syntax of Ruby. It has English like syntax hence it is easy to understand and use. It tracks coding conventions which are useful when you need to move from one developer to another. Also, It does not require to write separate comments. 



ROR is great and popular among startup companies for web development. Since it is free to use and highly productive. If you are planning to build a web application for your company, contact us: 

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