Why Integrating AR to Business is Important

Posted By Khushboo Arora | 10-May-2019

 Integrating AR to Business

The recent technological wave had a crucial impact on the purchasing pattern of the customers. Technologically upgraded shopping centers have installed screens integrated with augmented reality to market their brands easily.


Augmented reality technology is now accessible to a large number of customers through AR-enabled shopping portals. Brands like Burberry Beauty, Shiseido Cosmetic Mirror, Warby Parker, Walgreens, Sayduck, market themselves using AR. The advent of technology has revolutionized the shopping experiences of millions of customers all over the world.  AR integrated apps showcase everything virtually on the mobile screens so that customers can make the right choice.


AR VR Development Experts at Oodles Technologies help clients boost their businesses through the sensory representation of their products or services. Integrating AR in businesses could be useful to market products and increase customer engagement. Want to know how? Dig in the details below :



Industry Specific Implementation of AR

  • Visualization: Visualization plays an important role in selling a product or a service. AR provides a 3-D view of 2D objects letting the buyer know how an object will fit in their place. Online brick and mortar retailers are incorporating AR  technologies to offer interactive shopping experiences to the customers, making their products stand out in the competition

Example: One of the leading apparel brands “Topshop” uses Kinect to create virtual fitting rooms for its customers. The visual analysis impacts the decision of customers to buy the product thereby, increasing overall profits.

  • Navigation and Tracking: Augmented reality makes tracking and pathfinding easier. GPS navigator uses a smartphone camera to guide people with directions to their destination.

  • Marketing: AR adds life to the 2D models, leaving the audiences amazed. Many furniture stores have an app to let the user experience how objects like faucets or furniture will appear.

  • Better Training: Corporate meetings are easier to handle with AR technology. It showcases real-world objects virtually in 3D, making concepts engaging and clear to the team members.


Augmented Reality Application Development Services Oodles Offers:


Oodles Technologies offers AR application development solutions for iOS and Android platforms. It enables businesses to adopt innovative ways to grow and increase customer’s attention. We work on AR technologies like geo-filtering, interactive images to help clients deliver engaging product demos and training with maximum impact on the clients.


  • Image Recognition based AR Apps: Enabling intuitive product engagement and visual navigation

  • AR Gaming Apps 2D and 3D: Expanding the playfield, adding interesting characters that blend within users’ environment, keeping games interesting

  • Business AR Apps: Educating users about the product, connecting customers creatively, and supporting remote workers for an effective business collaboration

  • Location Based AR Apps: Offering enhanced visual engagement such as translating signs on the streets, giving info about tourist locations, marking important spots, showing driving directions by combining AR with GPS, location sensors, and geospatial techniques.


                                      aBenefits of AR Technologies Oodles Offers



Augmented reality has played a great role in improving brand engagement, increasing business sales and profit. Integrating AR with gaming apps or social media apps provides real-world interaction experience virtually. Offering real-world product experience to the customers keeps their interest alive in online shopping. Apart from the business sector, AR’s benefits are realized in other fields including real estate, medical, and more.


Are you planning to integrate AR technology to your business processes?  Contact Oodles Technologies -  one of the leading software development companies in India. We help businesses implement the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Apart from building applications in AR technologies, our experts build virtual reality apps(VR), and Mixed Reality Apps(MR) too. Our AR technology solutions are aimed at improving customer loyalty to build long-term relationships with the customers.


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