Why Founders Should choose React Native

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 02-Jul-2018

why founders should choose react native

When you start your company, one thing that comes to your mind is you need a mobile app. But the next question that arise is How to get an ios and Android app? You have your own thoughts about how the app should look and work like. In the era of mobile app development, developers are always seeking for easy development processes. Lot of options will pop into your mind to build an app.


There are few options to build a mobile app:

  1. Native app development
  2. Hybrid app development
  3. Mobile web development


The thoughts such as which platform to choose for iOS and Android app development, which development approach should be followed or whether to outsource the app development projects or not are difficult to answer. Well, these are few questions which can be confusing. When we look for great user experience and ease of development then Hybrid Mobile framework is a great option. Hybrid mobile apps are those apps which are built with many developers. 


Get one code base
When the codes are written in the React Native then you will get a codebase that will be applicable for iOS as well as Android. This is the huge benefit of React Native as the developer has to write code only once which will go with multiple platforms. This reduces the whole development time as well as efforts. 


Much cheaper
Companies are always confused about whether to outsource the app development or not. Outsourcing the app development is a smarter and a cheaper choice when you decide to go with the React Native framework. It will require less developers and even less time to develop ios as well as android apps. 

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Better user and Development Experience
React Native also allows you to link the plugin with a native module which helps you to do functions by using less like rotation, zoom etc. React Native is a great choice in terms of development experience. You will get the advantage of reporting errors. 

Eliminates the need to hire expensive developers
Finding the good developer be it iOS or Android, is always difficult and the experienced ones can be very costly. When you decide to use React Native, then you can hire various developers which includes React Developers, Mobile developers and Javascript developers. This eliminates the cost of one single highly paid developer. 


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