Why Finance Should Indubitably Adopt The DevOps Culture

Posted By Priyansha Sinha | 17-Sep-2018

DevOps in finance

It is almost atypical of the finance industry to be linked with any technological innovation or change. Even more, it loathes to the adoption of DevOps culture and is timidly open to any alterations in its existing process. But what if there were a direct path and a possible scope for the overall transformation?


Things are complicated in the sector of finance. As an industry that is indispensable for the functioning of everyday lives- both at the industrial and individual levels- it reflects like there should certainly be an ample of opportunity for growth, innovation, and disruption.


However, it is more likely that the finance and banking sectors are, undoubtedly, backed up and dominated by well-established organizations. A whopping figure of 88% of the tech companies is apprehensive about running their IT systems in the most effective way.


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Luckily, DevOps- a form of “agile infrastructure” is steadily gaining its foothold among those who are religiously accepting this methodology and implementing it further. For a better insight, let’s get started with the essentials.


What Is DevOps?


DevOps mainly depicts the methodological processes known as “agile infrastructure” or “agile operations”. It is the union of the process, people, and products to facilitate a continuous delivery of values to the end-to-end users.


The contraction of “Dev” and “Ops” alludes to siloed operations and development to build multidisciplinary teams that could seamlessly function together with shared and rewarding practices & tools. Furthermore, the crucial DevOps practices encompass continuous integration, agile planning, monitoring of applications & software, and continuous delivery.


How Can Finance Experts Adopt The DevOps Culture?


The financial services sector is, in the fullness of time, witnessing a surge in innovative solutions to banking that can leverage the power of DevOps. This includes platforms such as mobile-only banks and Google offering payment modes via mobile- meaning that there lies an ultimate requirement for the traditional financial services to go on the blink.


Having said that, there is still a gap in the overall approach and the selection of right tools for the financial requirements of your business. And DevOps is the sole answer to that.


The Finance Professionals, therefore, need to invest more timings and strategies to inculcate DevOps technology in their practices.


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A Final Note


The financial sector is somehow starting to benefit from the DevOps adoption. They are seeing much better audit results, a more collaborative IT and development process, an enhanced financial security, as well as a firm control and visibility over all the aspects of the finance industry.


What do you think about the intervention of DevOps in the imperative finance sector? Drop down your thoughts in the comment section below. And if you are also looking to integrate DevOps solutions in your businesses, let us know. We'll be happy to serve!

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