Why Every Business Needs Chatbot Integration

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 11-Jun-2018

Importance of chatbot integration



Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots app development are not a new concept. The chatbots are not smart by themselves, they require some level of artificial intelligence and using technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, big data and many more. In simple language, a chatbot is a computer program that is designed to simulate conversation with human beings over the internet. Chatbots are used with all messaging apps and almost every app is dependent on the chatbots. There are two types of chatbots:

  • AI-based chatbots
  • Command based chatbots 

There are few things which you should keep in mind while creating a chatbot application for your business:

  • Proper text formatting is a must 
  • Use high-quality links and photos.
  • Try using the customer’s name on the home screen. This will give them the personalized feeling.
  • Avoid using repeated questions as it will give the negative impact.

Integrating a chatbot with your business is a wise decision. Have a look. 

Cost Reduction

Worried about the high expenses at business? Well, stop thinking now. The great way you can manage your expenses is through chatbots. Virtual assistants help in reducing the operational as well as the total cost of ownership. The backend support requires a lot of resources. To reduce cost, you can use chatbots instead of employing more and more people. 


Customer Support

Nobody likes waiting in the long queues at the help desk. Managing a large number of customer queries at a time can be confusing and hectic. Humans are not able to multitask effectively. Instead, a quick message is always preferable. Chatbots, on the other hand, are capable of handling more than 1000 queries at a time. The message feature has solved many problems especially for those businesses which receive a lot of inquiries. Chatbots can take off the workload easily. 


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Personal assistant

Chatbots can be your personal assistant too. Wondering how? It can give you great financial, travel, health and fashion advice. Chatbots will remember all your choices. 


Online brand engagement
For every business, maintaining a good brand image is the top priority. The image is made through the customer satisfaction. If your customers are happy and satisfied, you don't need to worry about your brand image. Chatbots help in customer interaction, cutting prices, predictive nature which all helps in enhancing the brand identity. 



One thing that is pretty clear by looking at the functions, chatbots are here to stay. They are not only good for the customers but also for your business. Chatbots can play a significant role in expanding every sort of business. They are taking the major place in the banking, health, fashion, retail, and education. Chatbots are becoming more and more popular now and becoming common as phone numbers. We are a seasoned chatbot development company that builds interactive conversational UIs to enhance user experiences with automated responses. Our chatbot developers use popular AI toolkits and SDKs to build cross-platform chatbot apps that effectively handle multiple communications in parallel. 


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