Why Artificial Intelligence should use JAVA

Posted By : Piyush Makhija | 30-Sep-2019


What is Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence is one of the most impactful technologies of today’s digital world. It has made complex jobs easy to complete and businesses are implementing it to provide reliable customer services. Machines are able to make decisions independently by using this technology. Errors in doing complicated jobs are reduced and a higher level of accuracy is achieved. AI solutions are based on multiple programming languages like Python, C++, IPL, and Java. But the most preferred programming language among the developers is Java.


Why Java is Best?

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly advancing field. The development of AI application is sophisticated and require a robust language. Java is the best programming language because it has the features to satisfy every company particular project requirements. For developers, the best thing about this programming language is the latest features and APIs that helps in quality Java web development.


One of the highlighting factors of Java is Java Virtual Machine Technology. Implementing this technology helps developers to develop a single app version having compatibility with all Java-enabled platforms. Major features of Java are as following:


1) Portability


2) Maintainability


3) Versatility


4) Scalable


5) Transparency


Developers build enterprise Java applications by implementing above-mentioned features to provide desired business solutions to the clients. Java within the AI domain is way over helpful. Programming AI solutions with Java has several advantages like easy use, easy debugging, simplicity with complex projects, and better UI. Another reason is the inclusion of Swing and SWT features which make graphics and user interfaces appealing. Let’s discuss some of the AI projects created in Java having different functionalities.


1. Robocode

One of the best examples of a Java-based AI application is Robocode. It helps students as well as professionals to learn more about Java, robotics, and AI. It’s an open-source game that allows users to know the concepts of Java programming. Users can create a robot, develop its strategy, build a programming intelligence. By implementing a simple robot code, a sophisticated robot behavior can be developed.


2. JOONE Neural Engine

It is a multi-tasking platform that allows developers to create, train, and test neural networks. JOONE consists of connected components linked by the graphical editor and managed by scripts. Developers are free to use a distributed training environment with this neural network. The other features of this platform include supervised and unsupervised learning, scripting capability, and procedure for data processing.



WEKA is a Machine Learning Suite that consists of open-source algorithms for building AI techniques. These open-source algorithms are based on data mining. This helps to perform multiple tasks like:

  • Criteria evaluation
  • Data filtering
  • Feature selection
  • Numeric and categorical learning tasks

WEKA is very much in use for business intelligence, helping companies with reliable data mining and predictive analytics.
So these are some of the prominent examples of Java-based AI solutions that are helping beginners and professionals to learn different features of AI. Java offers free open-source codes to beginners for developing AI applications like chatbots. Being a versatile and easy to scale programming language it is favorite amongst AI professionals and learners.



Java is the most recommended language to build AI solutions and many enterprises are opting it for their desired business solutions. If you are planning to get your enterprise apps updated with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning chatbots, contact Oodles Technologies for AI-based solutions, services, customization, and technologies. We are a leading Java development company, having expertise in creating smooth and secure chatbot solutions as per the requirements of clients.


If you intend to transform your traditional business processes to modern one by integrating smart technologies, simply share your requirements with us. You can hire Java developers from our team of professionals for your specific project development. With our services, you can lower your operational costs and stay ahead of your competitor.


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