Why AI Applications Are A Boon For The Healthcare Future

Posted By : Priyansha Sinha | 03-Aug-2018

AI applications for healthcare

Artificial Intelligence will have a transformational impact in the healthcare sector. Many AI technologies are making a noticeable appearance to help people channel their healthcare and administrative processes. As per statistical data reports, the integration of AI application in this sector is estimated to save $150 dollars annually in the US alone by the year 2026. Now with such huge figures, the healthcare industry is likely to see a massive boom in terms of economy in not-so-distant future.


Essentially, to combat the rising burden of disease management, the government, institutions and healthcare professionals are desperately looking for innovative and reliable technologies that can handle the complications effectively. Also, implementation of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence altogether have provided a better insight to clinicians by detecting diseases at a much early stage.


Here are a few reasons why investment in AI applications is crucial for our future health:

Health Monitoring Applications

Wearable health trackers and gadgets such as Garmin, FitBit, Apple, and others are being religiously used to monitor and track our heart rate and other activity figures. This information is shared with the doctors and AI systems for calculating the needs and habits of patients and thereby, signaling them to increase or decrease their exercise rituals.


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Medicines/Drug Creation

Indulging in clinical trials and creating pharmaceuticals in accordance with the results obtained can take several years. Billions of dollars are spent in the process and often leads to multiple deaths in the timespan. Programs powered by AI have the potential to change the whole game. These AI-based platforms not only make the procedures faster but also helps in cost-cutting, thereby, saving thousands of lives.


Virtual Nurse Assistance

Many organizations and healthcare sectors are developing virtual nurses to help people in keeping a track of patient’s condition and provide follow up suggestions in between the doctors visit. These programs run on machine learning algorithms and specialize in chronic illnesses, hence, supporting patients in their tough times.

Virtual nurses can leverage artificial intelligence to provide basic health information and answers to asked questions about symptoms and medications.


Managing Medical Data And Other Records

The most widely used application of digital automation and artificial intelligence is data management. Healthcare sector largely requires to analyze and compile large pieces of patient’s information such as medical records and other past data.

The AI-powered applications collect, re-format, trace, and store these records to provide more consistent and faster access to the results.

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Provides Digital Consultations

Based on personal medical history and common medical knowledge, the applications fueled by artificial intelligence can give accurate and reliable medical consultation to the people. It uses speech recognition to match against a data sets of illnesses whenever any user feeds their symptoms in the app.


Considering the medical history of the patient, these applications offer recommended actions and suggestions thereby providing a customized treatment path.


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