What is the use of Requirement Traceability Matrix

Posted By Aarushi Sharma | 31-Dec-2018

In a software development project, the Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a document that is used to certify that all the requirements are related to testing cases. 

There are three types of RTM:

1.Forward Traceability:

This document is used to meet the requirements of test cases. It will help you to ensure that your project is moving in the right direction. It will also ensure that all the requirements have been thoroughly tested.

2.Backward Traceability:

When you map your test cases with the requirements, you will be creating a backwards traceability matrix. This will help you to ensure that you are not expanding the scope of the project by adding facilities or functionality which was not part of the basic requirements.

3.Bidirectional Traceability:

When you are mapping the requirements for testing cases for forward traceability and testing cases for backwards traceability in a single document, this is called bidirectional traceability matrix. This document will help you to ensure that there are test cases according to all the specified requirements and vice versa.

The use case of RTM :

1.Business Requirement:

BR1.Email functionality should be available
Test Scenario(TS)TS1.TC1->Compose email option should be enabled and works successfully
TS1.TC2->Compose email option is disabled

2.Defect Tracking:

If any defects are found after performing the test cases, then it can be listed and mapped with business requirements, test scenarios and test cases.
Now suppose if TS1 fails then the defect can be mapped with this scenario. After that, all the requirement can be listed in the table


Business Requirement#   Test Scenario#    Test Case#    Defect#
   BR1                                      TS1                   TS1.TC1        DC1
   BR1                                      TS1                   
TS1.TC2           -- 

The requirement is the means to map and trace all the client's requirements with traceability matrix testing cases and defects detected. This is a single document that meets the main objective that no trial cases are missing and thus each function of the application is covered and tested.



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