What is the basic use of Vulnerability Testing

Posted By Tanisha Sharma | 31-Dec-2018

A vulnerability test, also known as pen test, is a imitate cyber attack against a computer system to validate for available vulnerabilities. A vulnerability test tells whether the subsisting protective measures employed on the system are strong adequate to prevent any security violation. Vulnerability test also helps the countermeasures that can be taken to minimize the possibility of the system being slashed. The frail points of a system are utilized in this process through a permitted imitated attack.


Causes of vulnerabilities:

Design and development errors: There can be a blemish in the design of hardware and software. These bugs can put your business-critical data at the risk of vulnerability.
Poor system configuration: This is another root of vulnerability. If the system is poorly arranged, then it


launched loopholes through which striker can enter into the system & thieve the information.

Human errors: Human factors like inappropriate ejection of documents, leaving the documents unattended, coding errors, insider warning, sharing passwords over spoofing sites, etc. can lead to security vulnerabilities.

Connectivity: If the system is joined to a laxed network (open connections) then it comes in the extent of hackers.

Complexity: The security breaches rise in an amount to the difficulty of a system. The more characteristics a system has, the more chances of the system being stroked.

Passwords: Passwords are used to avert unapproved access. They should be powerful adequate that no one can guess your password. Passwords should not be distributed with anyone at any cost and passwords should be changed frequently. Instead of these instructions, at times people divulged their passwords to others, write them down somewhere and keep easy passwords that can be guessed.

User Input: These user inputs are used in  SQL injection, buffer overflows, etc. The data accepted electronically through these methods can be used to strike the receiving system.

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